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The iPad and you (Download Squad)

Jan 29th 2010 1:00PM I still hate reading book on Kindle's. Easier to trade and let people borrow books and magazines. Plus if I go camping (yes away from technology) I don't want to worry about dirt, or a light drizzle.

spill drink on a book, you're out 20 bucks., but a Kindle or Ipad?

I'll stick to Print thank you, no battery life required.

Mozilla and Firefox veteran, citing CEO Eric Schmidt's latest outburst, recommends Bing over Google (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2009 10:01AM Gameplace123. When is it ever okay to say in any form, "that if you want to hide something then you are doing something wrong." It's not the fact that he is "forced" to do it. It is that he supports the idea that if you don't want it seen don't do it.

The face google is atching your searches to your Gmail account ETC is terrible. In this case you aren't just a number, it matches YOU.

Microsoft Security Essentials leaves beta, available for download 9/29/2009 (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2009 6:29PM Here is a Quote from ArsTechnica:

"Microsoft warns that MSE should not be installed alongside any other antimalware application. Indeed, MSE's installer disables Windows Defender completely, which makes sense as it is a sort of superset to Windows Defender".

SmillaEnlarger makes images bigger, but maintains quality (Download Squad)

Aug 7th 2009 11:25AM I understand you have to cover other topics, but perhaps you can start putting tags that say DOWNLOAD or DESKTOPAPP so people who still enjoy using tools where the web isn't available can do so.

I love the site, just disappointed how little in 2009 is a "download" article.

Amazon agrees to cripple Kindle 2 (Download Squad)

Feb 28th 2009 11:48PM This is a shame, once again people not knowing how to transition to digital media. And something that can help the visually impaired. Although a Braille Kindle would be cool.

David: I don't think the kindle reading will "drastically reduce" jobs, because it is indeed an art form, while the kindle is going to be robotic and can't put the inflections and enunciation that a voice actor can. I too like Real books over the electronic format, but for the visually impaired this can be an easy method to "read" without having to wait for the tape.

Also isn't it odd that you speak of literacy, yet so many blogs are appearing and more and more classes of society have access to computers, which you have to read to use.

John: Being a father of someone who is visually impaired,(she's 15 months) I'm going to say I doubt many visually impaired people who use the web read Downloadsquad. How many programs here cater to any of their needs or would interest them? And you might as well start mild by parking in the "Togo only" spaces and work you way up on the abuse ;)

Glad: I can understand getting angry, but please try to be civil. John was using his style humor to point out that nobody that is visually impaired has evidently spoken up.