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Nokia E71x graces us with its presence (Engadget)

Apr 1st 2009 9:46AM Why is it that all Nokia screens are so low resolution? You can always see each individual pixel. Something that's always irked me about Nokias.

Latest Cupcake build flaunted on video, still no closer to retail G1s (Engadget)

Mar 17th 2009 9:56AM I agree with Bokal. The video was really annoying to watch. Joey Sochacki should have thought out what he was going to show in the video. The most annoying thing was how Joey would confusingly wave his finger on the screen before opening an app.

Hey, EU! Internet Explorer now uninstallable in Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Mar 4th 2009 10:14AM Finally, I can take that abomination of a browser off my PC. But what will I do when I need to use Windows Update??