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Amazon "glitch" removes sales ranks of hundreds of LGBT books (Download Squad)

Apr 13th 2009 5:51PM Am I the only person that looks upon this as a situation that regardless of endless conspiracies regarding a hackers or Amazon's real motive that Amazon will adopt whatever position works best to avoid the issue that their site was hacked? Any excuse that will be accepted other than " our site is vulnerable to hackers and your credit card transactions and personal identify may not be secure is what really happened" is good for their business. Anything other than admitting vulnerability, like the recent report regarding the US electrical grid and pentagon hack, is better than exposing the fact that hackers can victimize their customers. If abnormal solar activity gained a popular opinion they would go with it.

Pagezipper extension automatically loads "next page" links (Download Squad)

Apr 5th 2009 1:46AM I tested this as a Firefox extension for a couple of hours and had these issues.

1.) When viewing a Google Images page it induced a continuous "loading" situation when I scrolled to page two and beyond with a black screen and no images displayed. The quantity of pages I could review before the failure was random. Sometimes two pages. Sometimes four pages. Finally had to shut FF down and restart.

2.) WOT reporting worked fine on the first page, but page 2-N seemed to have random reporting of WOT recommendations. Norton Internet Security 2009 page/warning recommendations did not work at all. Norton icon normally next to the link was not visible.

3.) Had several instances where the FF extension Google Preview discontinued to function. Restarted FF and it would work for a few pages, but then fail again.

This is obviously still rated as "Experimental" on FF addons site and at v0.1 I am sure improvements will be made in the future. I hope so because one good thing about this program is it loaded pages faster than the "AutoPager" extension. I will keep an eye on this one.

MS Vista Home Premium - UTD
Firefox v3.0.8
Dell 1526 Inspiron Laptop
AMD Duo Core 1.9 Ghz

Web Developers: help rid the world of IE6 with a simple script (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2009 10:26AM Just to add to the comments regarding the use of IE6. . . . my wife does a lot of "at home" work for several companies (Fortune 100) and she is forced to use IE6. The online customer service applications only operate on IE6. I am not talking about a few, I am talking about dozens of these companies applications are restricted to IE6 and that's just the ones she works for. There are probably hundreds of companies still using IE6. Until the use of IE6 actually starts to impact their "bottom line", especially during these tough economic times, it is unlikely they are going to spend the money and IT resources to update their applications to support anything but IE6. We have tried the apps with IE7 and even Firefox and they simple do not work. Critical windows required to perform her job for companies like Staples, Carnival Cruise lines, etc. do not work properly or don't open at all.

Portable Little Registry Cleaner tidies up Windows registry clutter (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2009 9:22PM I used the program and it did find some entries that three other cleaners did not find.

Interestingly on my PC it takes a little time to start after launching the program. (Maybe just my PC?)

It did clean up the registry and did not break anything so I am happy with it. I will use it over the long term to decide if it is a keeper.

I stopped using Glary Utilities because it mucked up the registry so my Brother fax-printer-scanner would not work and I got a bunch of annoying error messages on my XP machine. Happened three times and I had to reload the Brother software three times. I reported the problem to Glary as FYI months ago and never heard back, so I stopped using it.

Point is . . as most of us know some programs work great for some PCs and not so great on other PCs. Depends upon installed programs,etc. It did work OK on my other machine, Vista, but didn't seem to find as many errors as Argente and couple of others that escape me right now.