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Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 Release Candidate available (Download Squad)

Aug 5th 2009 2:01PM now, if you could only make decent use of 95 on your Core 2 Duo rig. i hate to break the news, but 95 doesn't support most of modern software, XP does.

and as much as Ballmer & Co. wish for XP to become an 'illusion', and a faint one at that, i'm afraid it just wont go away for the foreseeable future. :)

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 Release Candidate available (Download Squad)

Aug 5th 2009 9:49AM call me a troll or whatever you want, but i totally agree on windows 7 being a complete and utter failure.

German compumag CHIP recently ran a series of tests, no fancy benchmark programs, just based on daily computing tasks. they ran each test 10 times and posted the average result for each of Microsoft's 3 most recent desktop operating system. the test platform was an average core 2 duo based system, not some high end power house. although they've headlined the test with something like "Windows 7 making Vista look bad", the outcome isn't exactly flattering for Windows 7 in the light of the Windows XP test results.


Windows XP clearly winning 6 out of 8 tests hands down. mind you, these are 'out of the box' installations and we all know what a beast Windows XP becomes once it is properly tweaked.

Snowbird is a fast, light weight search utility for Windows (Download Squad)

Aug 4th 2009 7:17PM absolutely no match for EVERYTHING.

any idea which document types are supported for 'Search file contents'?

the Help file isn't very conclusive and neither is the website.

p.s.: if you're looking for a nice content search tool, check this one:


DocSearcher is java application thus it will run on any system where Java is installed.

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 Release Candidate available (Download Squad)

Aug 4th 2009 6:43PM they aren't really reinventing the wheel here, are they? :)

"This is great for older games"

gotta be really old games, since MS VPC is emulating some ancient S3 GPU.

'seamless mode' is rather old news for frequent VBox users.

and as for "that old game from the MS-DOS days", can't beat the trusty DOSBox.

Deskcretary automatically tidies up cluttered Windows desktops (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2009 8:27PM Lee, i wonder which habit is worse: dumping everything on the desktop or hoping for a piece of software to clean up the mess after you? :)

Track Your Happiness on your iPhone (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2009 6:51AM oh my gawd, this is totally awesome. i am so wanting this! :)

Drama shakes up CentOS community (Download Squad)

Aug 1st 2009 11:36AM well, Christina, they don't have much of a choice, now have they?

as sorry as i feel for the developer team, "free" and "open source" or not, there are legal matters to be taken into consideration. they obviously failed to tie up those matters in legally binding contracts. and now that the guy holding all the keys (and the cash register) walks out on them, their project is pretty much doomed. no matter how petty the feud, there isn't really much left for them to do other than whining in "open letters".

Appfail: Nero 9 Free - of good reasons to install it, that is (Download Squad)

Aug 1st 2009 10:54AM "Does anyone know the best program to use for lightscribe on Win 7? The disc that came with my lg drive fails at install?"

the version on that disc of yours is probably too old.


the latest version claims support for Windoze Se7en RC.

Drama shakes up CentOS community (Download Squad)

Aug 1st 2009 10:48AM "not ... unprofessional"??? "maturity"???

sorry, but this looks like a bunch of toddlers in a sandbox. one walks away, taking all the buckets and shovels, while the rest is left to cry.

Windows 7 UAC flaw-by-design now classified as malware by Microsoft? (Download Squad)

Aug 1st 2009 10:38AM Oh my Gawd! Windows' security is flawed? and the good folks at Microsoft don't care?

we're DOOMED!

and thanks for the heads-up, Adam :)