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Anyone have Vista running? (Download Squad)

Feb 19th 2007 7:14PM I have been running Vista since the Beta's as well and I have to say Vista Ultimate is AWESOME! I work in the computer field and dont go a day without working on my laptop... the new look to Vista is GREAT! You really need to use it for a while to appreciate everything... Here are some of the "cooler" things I have noticed and really like about Vista:

1.) Now supports HUGE icons.
2.) Icon thumbnails are GREAT... if a folder contains docs or photos, etc the folder shows a couple of items inside it and they actually have previews of the items inside the folder! Really cool!
3.) Instant search ROCKS
4.) Media Center is the best media application I have ever used and works seamlessly with my XBOX 360
5.) The new start menu it truely MUCH MUCH better than the one in XP...
6.) I don't use virus scan anymore! I make it a point not to go to any "bad" sites and don't click on links in emails that offer free stuff, etc... you really DONT need virus scan in Vista if you are careful about where you go.
7.) IE 7... The best browser out there!
8.) Flip 3D
9.) Thumbnails when mousing over the items in the task bar.
10.) It supports EVERY application I ran on my old system
11.) Much better backup
12.) Better mobile decive syncing/setup
12.) much much more!!!

Really if you dont notice the differences and dont think its worth upgrading then you haven't used it enough... it is truly a totally different product than XP... there are lots of people out there who constantly knock Windows for being so "boring" compared to OSX but MS adds the "flair" into Vista and everyone says its not worth the upgrade... if that is the case then XP really isn't that bad compared to OSX...

IIS vs Apache, in pictures (Download Squad)

Feb 6th 2007 1:00PM It's crazy how people will jump out to defend some of these open source projects out there... Apache cannot really be compared to IIS in today's environment. .NET doesn't run on Apache... Period... If you need to be able to develop in ALL the languages available you need IIS. You can run PHP, Perl, etc on IIS... you can't on Apache... maybe that is why the diagram gets a little more confusing for IIS? Just becuase this diagram looks so simple for Apache doesn't mean that the product is in any way better.

IIS is main stream in businesses... fact in point is that there are MANY more Microsoft oriented network admins out there and when you go to put in an applicaiton server at your business you put in what you know your staff can support. Usually that is a Microsoft server and why install Apache on it when it comes with IIS already? Then you have 2 companies to deal with for support.

People need to realize that it isn't always whats best that gets used in this world and being a "fan" of a certain company or product (or most likely cost FREE open source?) doesn't mean that the industry agrees with you. If there was a $$$ amount associated with Apache and Unix they wouldn't be popular products with anyone.

For this article to state: "I don't understand what makes someone choose Microsoft's IIS over the open source Apache and, after seeing this, I don't think I ever will." is just dumb... you use what you can support and what has the features you need (.NET) to run that applications you want to.

Steve Ballmer disses on the iPhone (

Jan 20th 2007 10:29AM Don't get so excited over this phone yet... There isn't anything "new" about it except multitap... EVERY phone out there now plays MP3's and does cellphone stuff at the same time. Having the phone limited to Cingular is just STUPID... That is just a fraction of the market for cellphones. The $600 price tag may seem a little harsh when you might also have to look at moving to Cingular and breaking your contract with your current provider.

Also the lack of 3G is HUGE...

The phone itself is HUGE... it might be thin but the footprint is BIG... the "trendy" 16 year old girls that are going to want a new trendy iPod phone are not going to want to lug around this huge thing...

oh and say what you want about WM5 but Microsoft makes the software not the phones... some of the WM5 based phones out there run GREAT... the software does TONS more than any other mobile OS out there... there is an entire development community writing thousands of apps for Windows Mobile... Apple has a long way to go if they ever want to even compare to WM5. Look at the Treo... Palm will soon be making just phones instead of the Palm OS because more people want WM5 than the Palm OS...

Oh and there was lots of HYPE about the Zune before it was released and I saw news stories about it on my local news... just like the new iPhone... that doesn't mean its going to be great. The people on the news don't know what the difference between EDGE and 3G is they just say "iPhone" and think WOW!

The SideKick already does EVERYTHING the iPhone does but it has a full sized keyboard... EVERY HTC phone out there already does everything the iPhone does and does it better and most of them are smaller and have a real keyboard...

Well see if the iPhone lives up to the hype but just because it is an "i" something doesn't mean its going to be great... the multitap will make or break this phone...

"Towel trick" provides temporary fix to Xbox 360's red ring of doom? (Engadget)

Jan 15th 2007 6:59PM I have gotten the 3 red lights before on my console and had tried turning it on and back off again and it still did the same thing... I was able to remove the hard drive wait for 2-3 minutes and power the system on without the hard connected and that fixed the 3 red lights... then I powered it back off and reconnected the hard drive and the problem went away.

Video of LG's KE850: it's no poser (Engadget)

Jan 14th 2007 9:48AM Yeah the iPhone has a limited market in that it is only Cingular and it cost $600... its just like the PS3... who is going to run out and buy their kid a 600 cell phone AND extend their contract 2 years??? The lack of 3G is HUGE... people who are willing to spend that much money on a phone are going to want to do lots of cool data stuff on it and the fact that it outdated already doesn't make any sense.

Also HTC has MUCH better devices out there already... The lack of a real keyboard is HUGE... typing on a small screen with your fingers just doesn't work right... the SideKick is cooler than that phone just because it has a full keyboard... Also... lots of mobile people use their high end phones for business stuff... with no tie in to Exchange server like Windows Mobile has or Blackberry this is going to have problems competing in that market as well.

I'm interested to see what the next generation of Windows Mobile has to offer... if it is "vista"esc it has a good chance to pass right over the iPhone... Since WM is so open and there is already thousands of applications out there for it is is just so much more practical than the iPhone...

I'm sure the iPhone will be the most expensive, coolest looking, most feature lacking phone available.

Microsoft developer doubts Wii's endurance (Joystiq)

Dec 21st 2006 12:05AM The WII is really a gimmick... if you can easily release the exact same game (Zelda) on the Game Cube then why did we need a new system in order to use the motion sensing??? I mean really... the controller / wiimote just sends signals about user input to the console... why didn't they just make a wiimote/nunchuck for the Game Cube? Why make people buy the new system if the graphics power are not really a big upgrade? We all know they have made motion sensing controllers before for other systems and the PC and they were always just fads...

It really seems kind of stupid just to make a new way to control games... take Madden for example... the motion of your throw doesn't have much to do with how the ball is thrown... you just click the button for a reciever and do a throwing motion... do we really need stuff like this? Does this really require a NEW NEXT GEN console so we can use a new kind of controller????

That is the big question here...

Comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 side-by-side (Joystiq)

Nov 29th 2006 2:26PM If you look at the PS3 launch titles like 70% of them are cross platform... even Ridge Racer 7 is kind of cross platform... there would only be one game out for the PS3 right now if it weren't for the 360... developers were working on games like Tiger Woods and Madden, and Ridge Racer BEFORE the 360 was released...

With the 360 developers were taking their first crack at developing NEXT GEN games... with the PS3 many of the developers have already built the next gen engines for the 360 and it is only a matter of porting those engines to the PS3...

Like it or not the 360 started the NEXT GENERATION and when you compare the difficulty of developing games on the 2 platforms you can bet that MOST developers are going to be building the next gen games on the 360 and porting them to the PS3... the tools on the XBOX are just easier to use. Take Assassins Creed for example... I would bet they were building it on the 360 the whole time and porting it to the PS3 along the way... they have had a system to work with in the 360 for the last year and a half (including time with dev kits)...

Unless the PS3 starts selling BIG TIME this trend will continue... why develop a game for the PS3 when you are only going to be able to sell at most 2 million copies by the holiday of next year... and you could potentiall sell the same game on the 360 to more than 10 million people in that same time frame?

Riiiiiiiiiiidge Racer! Xbox 360 vs. PS3 screens (Joystiq)

Nov 14th 2006 2:25PM Everyone should remember too... the PS3 has been around hardware wise for a while... its not like the developers just got their hands on it... there was a several month delay for its release because of the blue laser problem...

Also... its not like the PS3 version IS BETTER... it is newer so they had a chance to implement more things in the game in general... really they look quite alike for being a version apart!

PS3's B.C. problems and how to blow it out of perspective (Joystiq)

Nov 14th 2006 1:14PM There are some major differences between the 360 and PS3 when it comes to BC:


-Upscales games
-Needed to support Live structure
-As advertised only the big titles were being done
-All done with software


-Bigger deal because when the system costs so much you might not be able to afford more than 1 game if any...
-No upscaling (i'm pretty sure about that but could be wrong)
-Has a complete PS2 onboard to make it work
-Online play... do they even work the same? If you played Socom online does it just work online with the PS3?

The 2 companies really took different approaches... the 360 they said they would do what they could... the PS3 they promised everything... either way it shouldn't make too much of a difference for either camp... there are probably only a few big titles like Socom and Halo and things like they that people play ALL the time and would even bother playing on the new systems.