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Streamfile does painless point-to-point transfers with 256-bit encryption (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2009 1:09PM Here's a list of quite a few. (Some of the links are broken)

(I have no affiliation with that site, it just came up in a search for "file transfer service free")

And, yes, before you get all picky on me, some of those don't offer every single feature Streamfile does, but I'm sure most of them will handle 99% of what most people need for free and without spam.

Actually, any business that specifically says "we will sell your data and spam you", shouldn't be trusted with your data regardless of whether they charge for the service or not.

Windows 7 system requirements: You can probably run it (Download Squad)

May 1st 2009 4:58PM I'm running Vista with Areo on a 3 year old Dell Dimension with built in Intel video and it works fine.

FWIW, I was at a Microsoft event yesterday and they showed Windows 7 running on an old Toshiba laptop with 512 Meg RAM and an 800 MHz processor. They actually ran the PPT presentation from the machine just to prove it was fast enough. It ran surprisingly well. The only thing that really strained the machine was bitlocker encrypting a USB drive.