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TSA checkpoint fails to detect stun gun - airport ramp worker finds it (Gadling)

Feb 27th 2009 12:00PM Screening skills be damned, in the old days we would have proved the device worked by demonstrating it... on the ramp worker for his teenage meddling and then continued boarding our flight to Detroit. Freshly disembarqued airline passengers would be such an easy target for assaults, because they've already been rendered so defenseless by Homeland Security.

10 free antivirus programs for Windows (Download Squad)

Feb 27th 2009 10:56AM Have to agree that until they stop producing idiot programmers that there will be users needing antiviruses.

"Pipe Bomb" sticker causes airport chaos (Gadling)

Feb 18th 2009 11:08PM NASCARTHANG88, God Loves You.

"Pipe Bomb" sticker causes airport chaos (Gadling)

Feb 18th 2009 11:02PM Better Question: does X-Ray "go through a metal pipe bomb?" With all the lead in chinese manufacturing and most bicycles being chinese (don't let the Taiwan sticker fool you like the Hong Kong stickers fooled me)...

Boxee to remove Hulu content (Download Squad)

Feb 18th 2009 10:41PM Boxee to remove Hulu content by Brad Linder Feb 18th 2009:
Hot on the heels of, cross cross-platform media application Boxee will be removing all video content from Hulu Friday.

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Why can't reporters in Sphere write concentric titles?