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Microsoft extends Windows XP lifespan through 2011 (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2009 12:25PM I'm 62 years old and hate television. I get all of the current events news I need from my computer via XP. I wouldn't have a reason to switch OSs even for free.

HTC's Magic appears for Vodafone in Europe, G2 moniker nowhere to be found (Engadget)

Feb 16th 2009 8:55AM Stay on the Fanboy sites; O.K.?

Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60 hands-on (Update: now with video!) (Engadget)

Feb 15th 2009 7:46PM WTF is wrong with you? Why are you brain dead to all other OS? You must have been dropped on your head at birth.

Prices for original Kindle come back down to earth (Engadget)

Feb 12th 2009 10:59PM Lessee..?...?.. HEY!! I can get 300 paperbacks at the dollar book store for that price!!