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Gyrobike's Gyrowheel stabilizes a kid's first bike without the training wheels (Engadget)

Oct 4th 2009 2:02PM Bicycles stay up because of the lateral vectors of force created from drag on the rear wheel. This article is a little bit misleading to people because it suggests the "old wives tale" that bicycles stay up from the centrifugal force of the spinning wheel.... wrong!

Shuttle's H7 5800 packs Core i7 and all the trimmings into a small form factor PC (Engadget)

Jun 13th 2009 4:00PM the first thing I think when i see this is "where the hell is the video card port" ?

Digital TV transition: 12 hours in, how are things going? (Engadget)

Jun 12th 2009 5:40PM When things changed over I didn't notice a thing. I still get all the old NTSC 480x320 channels. Nothing disappeared for me. I am connected to "basic" cable though without a cable box, just a direct line into my LCD tv.

Find My iPhone is live, totally found our iPhone (Engadget)

Jun 9th 2009 7:22PM You could totally turn on "audio record" on the phone an stash it under the seat of your kids car and then you'd get a complete rundown of all the stuff that goes down as well as location.


Engadget's recession antidote: win an 8GB Kingston SDHC Video card! (Engadget)

May 19th 2009 12:24PM To solve the current US economic crisis:
Convert all US money, including all monetized debt (like mortgages) etc. into actual physical money and then require banks to hold 100% reserve on loans they make to people. From that point forward banks can no longer loan out $100 for every $10 on reserve, thereby curing the crisis of greed amongst banks. There will still be plenty of money in circulation for loans (isnt 60 Trillion enough for 300 million americans??) and since the government currently needs only 2 Trillion to operate then they merely print $2 Trillion in new paper money each year (INSTEAD of taxing us), thereby lowering real inflation to a stable (2/60) 1/30 per year, or 3-4% .

Samsung's slim BD-P4600 Blu-ray player gets reviewed (Engadget)

May 5th 2009 6:27PM the question is: will it read a media stream from the Media Server capabilities of Windows Media Player 10/11 or does it, like other media clients, not support Microsoft?

Acer launches first NVIDIA Ion-based nettop: AspireRevo (Engadget)

Apr 16th 2009 12:56PM HDMI means you dont need optical out. eSATA means I could amp it up to 2TB on external drive. Nice.

Pogoplug review (Engadget)

Apr 6th 2009 1:23PM What I want is a dual-NIC PogoPlug running Smoothwall Express .

HABEY intros Atom N270-powered mini HTPC, makes it crunch 1080p (Engadget)

Mar 11th 2009 12:48PM looks like garbage compared to the Nvidia Ion boxes that will be soon coming out.

Pogoplug hands-on (Engadget)

Feb 24th 2009 6:19PM they need a dual-nic version running SmoothWall Express firewall.