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Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 impressions, insights, and expectations (Engadget)

Apr 30th 2009 6:00PM HAHAHA.. look at you windows fanboys. Even when your own kind just questions something, you down rank him.

Even us Mac fanboys stick together no matter what.

Never thought I would see windows fanboys show that they are worse than us.


Hulu plans to go international (Download Squad)

Mar 24th 2009 2:31PM Geez .. could Hulu be any slower? Us Brits have been waiting for ages!!!!

I'm inclined to agree with Brad. As a British tax payer who helps fund the BBC - I wouldn't like the content to be going abroad for nothing, but doing a deal with Hulu seems a good approach simply because Hulu is fast becoming a standard in the US when it comes to viewing TV, in the same way that YouTube has become the standard for music videos and uploaded user content. Hulu is gaining wide support so it makes sense for the BBC to get onboard rather than going it alone.

.. but a reduced TV licence fee for UK households?.. yeah.. when pigs fly!

Nokia continues to hemorrhage Smartphone market share to RIM and Apple (Engadget)

Mar 11th 2009 1:21PM And where do you think the copy of Photoshop came from? *cough*torrents*cough* lol

Apple store down: 4GB iPod shuffle on the way? (Engadget)

Mar 11th 2009 7:28AM What's Apples policy if you just bought say a 2GB and then a day later the 4GB one comes out? If say the new 4GB was the same price as the old 2GB - would it simply be a free upgrade?

Nokia continues to hemorrhage Smartphone market share to RIM and Apple (Engadget)

Mar 11th 2009 7:24AM Yeah, because the average Joe who doesn't know anything about Nokias S40 and S60, sits around waiting for everything to be upgraded to S60 before they decide to run to the shops and purchase a Nokia and give them back the market share ..NOT

If you think they are going to get back 90% of the smart phone market, you must be smoking the same stuff their board of directors are.

Too much cellphone news on Engadget? (Engadget)

Feb 16th 2009 1:43PM Yeah sure you want us to know abut the latest phones and keep up but the problem is that there is way too many articles. You could condense them down a bit. Also what is the point of having a site like Engadget Mobile if Engadget main steals the show? This event is to Engadget Mobile, what CES is to Engadget main. You guys should stop stealing their limelight and perhaps redirect us over to them for the actually interesting articles. I'm sure Engadget Mobile would appreciate comments running into double figures for the first time in their history.

APSI's WinCE-based M480 can't quite reach Archos' level (Engadget)

Feb 9th 2009 9:32AM Exactly! Last time I checked, KIRF meant that it not only physically looked like the hardware it was trying to copy, but also the software looked similar. At worst just perhaps the hardware looked the same. The APSI does in no way look like an Archos and I'm guessing with WinCE 5.0 - even the software would have a hard time looking the same. Maybe someone should bring Darren upto speed with the definition!