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Spoiled brat not happy with his 16th birthday present (WalletPop)

Jul 4th 2009 11:30PM P.S. to the poor parents: I'll buy this truck off you for whatever you paid for it, and make sure someone appreciates it. Reply if you're interested, or AIM me (it's the name I posted this comment as).

Spoiled brat not happy with his 16th birthday present (WalletPop)

Jul 4th 2009 11:28PM Holy crap, and this kid is *driving* on *public roads?*

No wonder we've got such a high accident rate.

Microsoft dumps 3-app limit from Windows 7 Starter (Download Squad)

May 22nd 2009 1:12PM This isn't news, XP Starter and Vista starter were both limited to low resolutions, and 3 open applications (each of which can open, I believe, 3 windows) at a time. Further, the Starter editions are a (feeble) attempt to slow down piracy in developing countries, where most people aren't going to pay full price (or any money, really) for a normal copy of Windows. Starter has *not* been sold in any of the major markets (US, Western Europe, Japan).

Windows 7 SKUs announced: your worst nightmare has come to pass (Engadget)

Feb 3rd 2009 8:57PM Well, we've got 6 for vista, 6 for windows 7, how many do we have for xp? let's find out:

XP Starter
XP Home
XP Home N
XP Home K
XP Home KN
XP Home Subscription
XP Home Pay-As-You-Go
XP Pro
XP Pro N
XP Pro K
XP Media Center Edition 2002
XP Media Center Edition 2004
XP Media Center Edition 2005
XP Tablet PC Edition 2002
XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
XP Enterprise (the volume licensing flavor)
XP 64-Bit Edition 2002 (Itanium)
XP 64-Bit Edition 2003 (Also Itanium)
XP x64 Edition (The 'real' 64-bit one)
XP Embedded
XP for Embedded Systems
XP Embedded for Point of Service
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

That's 24, by my count. Add another 6 or 7 in there if you count Server 2003 as repackaged XP.

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