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An early look at Winamp for Android's SHOUTcast integration (Download Squad)

Nov 16th 2010 6:58PM I agree TuneIn Radio rocks. In fact I can't see Shoutcast replacing that app anytime soon.

Hide or move the orange button in Firefox 4 (updated) (Download Squad)

Sep 12th 2010 1:08PM To each their own, but for me the Rainmeter one is too loose, and Sebastian's is too tight - I like to be able to grab onto a couple pixels on the top to move the window around if necessary. This works best for me:

#appmenu-button { padding: 1px 7px 2px!important; margin-top:0px!important; background-color: rgba(0, 230, 230, 0.4)!important; }
#appmenu-button-container { position: fixed!important; }
#navigator-toolbox[tabsontop="true"] #TabsToolbar { padding: 1px 98px 0 80px!important; }
.tabbrowser-strip { height: 22px!important; }
.tabbrowser-tab { height: 22px!important; padding-right: 4px!important; }
#toolbar-menubar { margin: -22px 98px 2px 85px;}

You can change the rgba value of #appmenu-button to suit your color preference, and make sure to insert a "space" item (using Customize toolbar buttons) right after the upper right "List all tabs" or "Group your tabs", just before the minimize button. On Windows, this works brilliantly for me.

iTunes 10 introduces Ping social network for music (and a new logo!) (Download Squad)

Sep 1st 2010 3:27PM iTunes is my least favorite piece of software on Windows. Yes, you heard that right Steve Jobs. (Obviously I'm assuming he reads every comment here.)

This "update" changes nothing.

online-ConVert lets you convert a ton of media formats, no download required (Download Squad)

Aug 6th 2010 3:16PM I think the site looks just fine. I'm not getting the "suspicious" or "unreliable" feel from it. The capitalization is not that far-fetched - many logos play with capital letters. I'm not sure why you chose to introduce it that way.

(FTR, I'm not affiliated with online-conVert at all, I was just expecting something else when I visited their site based on your description. I don't think the designer deserved to be knocked like that.)

MPAA starts new crackdown on movie piracy, takes down 9 sites (Download Squad)

Jun 30th 2010 10:04PM I don't download movies illegally but I would consider doing it just to spite the MPAA. Times have changed, information is free, adapt your business model and deal with it.

San Francisco becomes first US city to pass radiation warning law for cell phones (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2010 2:49PM I'm sure there is some of what SF does that is for appearances sake, but I think they've also done a bulk of the very legitimate trailblazing this country needs. If not for SF forging through many of these issues (and yes, occasional BS) the country would be far worse off. At least in my humble/liberal opinion.

I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable person on this issue, but I think it's worth taking seriously. I hate to make the obvious probably over-the-top analogy, but cigarettes were once a very hot commodity (not unlike cell phones) and it took years of legislative fighting to get any sort of warning label on those packages. And I'd say it's justified.

Also @Anthony, some of the editorials in GQ are top notch. It's not all mens-equivalent-of-Cosmo within.

San Francisco becomes first US city to pass radiation warning law for cell phones (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2010 2:07PM The GQ article is only one perspective, I didn't say it was gospel. Also I didn't say hybrid cars are the best thing since sliced bread, merely that I was shocked by the tone of the author referring to the drivers as annoying. I would tend to think Benz or giant-SUV drivers are WAY more annoying than hybrid drivers.

So you guys are probably all on board for genetically modified food to replace all 'normal' food then too, right? Because there aren't any proven side effects now (except in lab rats), this must mean that it is 100% safe and the people trying to ban GMO are left-wing whackos. There aren't huge industries that stand to profit from this technology are there?

Or I wonder if there were ever a product that was rushed to market only to discover later that it was a catastrophe... ? Nah.

I don't mean to be annoying either. All I'm saying is this topic (cell phone radiation) at least deserves more research, and certainly not the naive sarcasm/cynicism put forth by this article.

San Francisco becomes first US city to pass radiation warning law for cell phones (Download Squad)

Jun 17th 2010 11:45AM I am quite shocked by the tone of this article, speaking so cynically of consumer advocacy and even hybrid car drivers (especially during the Gulf oil spill?) ...

"It's hard to talk about the dangers of cell-phone radiation without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. This is especially true in the United States, where non-industry-funded studies are rare, where legislation protecting the wireless industry from legal challenges has long been in place, and where our lives have been so thoroughly integrated with wireless technology that to suggest it might be a problem—maybe, eventually, a very big public-health problem—is like saying our shoes might be killing us."

Why Diaspora will fail (Download Squad)

May 21st 2010 10:40AM You might be right in the end, but your argument is too heavy with bitterness. Before I was just hoping they'd succeed to make Facebook look less 'cool', now I really hope they prove you wrong too.