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Remove Firefox 4.0's big, ugly, unmovable orange button (Download Squad)

Jul 6th 2010 9:27PM I just clicked the button - customize - menu bar. And the button is gone

True Blood: Hard-Hearted Hannah (AOL TV)

Jul 27th 2009 1:20PM I really cannot remember much about this episode ( I missed watching it live since I went and saw the awesome movie the ugly truth) that wasn't in Living Dead In Dallas. I just finshed the book so I can guess how Sookies inprisonment ends. It is awesome in the book ( chapter 6) so I am guessing it will be awesome on the show. I'm not exactly sure where Maryanns story with same is going since her character is a lot different than the book

Nurse Jackie: Steak Knife (AOL TV)

Jul 21st 2009 12:38PM The one thing I haven't figured out in the last 6 episodes: does anyone besides ohara know Jackie is married? I assume Eddie doesn't

Nip/Tuck: Roxy St. James (AOL TV)

Jan 28th 2009 11:46AM Also it wont load for me, but it is the original page where I read it...

Nip/Tuck: Roxy St. James (AOL TV)

Jan 28th 2009 11:43AM Here is the link to the Six Season Script:

It's only a snippet, and it maybe fake.

Fringe: The No-Brainer (AOL TV)

Jan 28th 2009 11:34AM Forget nina sharp, what about olivias ex! He has been dead since the pilot and is still a main character. Hasn't he only been in two since? ( the one where she sees him at the end in her kitchen and the next full episode)

Nip/Tuck: Roxy St. James (AOL TV)

Jan 28th 2009 11:28AM Well if the leaked script for the six season premier is real you definately won't like where the liz/Christian plot is going. When I read the script I was suprised to see where they were going but now it isn't such a shock. Did anyone else notice Eden seemed a little off? I mean it seemed like her voice was different (I was just rewatching the first episode she was in)