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Comcast shuts down Winer (Download Squad)

Apr 16th 2008 5:14PM Verizon FiOs needs to get in COMCAST territory...once that monopoly is threaten...they'll stop threatining customers!!!

Xbox 360's failure rate at 30%? (Joystiq Xbox)

Jun 23rd 2007 10:08PM Very strange...i read this article today, fired up my 360 tonight and bada bing! 3 Red Rings of Death!!! Maybe all that hard rockin from Guitar Hero II did it! Or maybe this story jinxed me!!!!!
Im now a statistic :-/

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: some Slingboxes (Engadget)

Sep 25th 2006 1:01PM Frakin' Battlestar Galactica!

2.80 Blowout: The aftermath (Joystiq Playstation)

Jul 28th 2006 8:59AM Andrew, great post. Joel...wtf?