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iOS 4 hits the iPhone today - here's how to get it (Download Squad)

Jun 21st 2010 9:07PM Just need to wait for the Jailbreak now.

Which browser isn't such a battery hog? (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2009 6:22PM Chome 2, hey?

ManicTime tracks the time you spend using applications (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2009 12:22AM Wakoopa (http://wakoopa.com/) is an app that sits in your tray and records time usage on applications, even web apps. It's pretty cool.

Microsoft Drops IE8 Beta 2 - First Impression (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2008 7:02PM Oh wow, I've just tried out the Developer Tools! (F12)

It actually works!! Sort of like Firebug, awesome! This is going to make debugging in IE a breeze!

Microsoft Drops IE8 Beta 2 - First Impression (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2008 7:00PM The best bit was having to restart twice!

Rember the memory checker (Download Squad)

Jul 3rd 2008 2:12AM Rember?

Adobe offers up some CS4 betas (Download Squad)

May 27th 2008 8:28PM I gotta say.... Live View looks awesome.

First 3rd party application for Vista Mobility Center: Turn off internal display (Download Squad)

Dec 21st 2007 8:36PM Is there some software to do this in XP?