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Downloadr is an awesome bulk downloading tool for Flickr (Download Squad)

Mar 16th 2010 10:39PM Direct URL appears to be

Interesting. Why not provide the file with a check? Why require a live link to run it?

The "installer" appears to just make sure .NET 3.5 is current.

Flickr Downloadr and FlickrDown are a little more conventional.

Get every National Geographic since 1888 on a 160GB hard drive (Download Squad)

Dec 29th 2009 2:27PM "Climate change" is constant. Laws of thermodynamics are not changed through personal whim. Trees are a crop which are farmed.

Tech news, please, not superstition.

Mozilla Jetpack contest winner harnesses GPU power to process data (Download Squad)

Nov 7th 2009 8:00AM GPU for DirectX and OpenGL mosquito noise and grain removal would be nice. x264 encoding can get a help but not by that tremendously much.

Frustrated EEEUbuntu dev says "Ubuntu sucks." (Download Squad)

Oct 16th 2009 12:31PM Suspend isn't useful? Try carrying a computer for presentations. Suspend lets you work on the computer when you get snippets of time, such as in an airport, and it helps you look competent. Low-level IT geeks boot a computer and load the apps and data they need during a presentation. That shows neither respect for the audience nor mastery of technology as a tool to accomplish the goal. Opening a laptop and quickly starting shows the person is the master which gives credibility to the message.

Make webpages more printable with The Printliminator (Download Squad)

Oct 9th 2009 8:00AM Doesn't work for me - FF 3.5.2, NoScript - is this Mac only?

Photosketch automagically creates Photoshop montages from your sketches (Download Squad)

Oct 6th 2009 4:53PM Cute BUT the only way this idea could possibly work is if you have a HUGE pool of tagged image components. Notice there is no workable method, just a theoretical flow and a video. Is today Chinese April 1?

Google and Yahoo banner ads delivering trojans (Download Squad)

Sep 28th 2009 8:05PM @Eric H,

You are confusing the creator of the content with the delivery of content. A book store is not responsible for the content of the books they the overwhelming majority of cases. It is a crime, in the United States, to sell pornography to minors WHEN the vendor knows it is a restricted item, for example. In the case of advertising banners, the content of the banner is not subject to review by the site owner nor do they distribute it. The delivery medium is not a "public asset" so the requirement for review by the site owner is less than that of a radio or TV station using "public airwaves" for distribution.

Miro: Adopt a line of code to support open source video player (Download Squad)

May 8th 2009 8:00PM No, Deep Throat was my pet name for Linda...

Miro: Adopt a line of code to support open source video player (Download Squad)

May 8th 2009 6:00PM I played Nixon like a fiddle. Stupid lib got what he had coming to him.

Zimbra Desktop brings web mail, calendars, search to the desktop (Download Squad)

Apr 29th 2009 4:53PM Using only web-based email hosted by an outside source means you have no critical data, no legal responsibility for the contents of the messages, no privacy, no retention reliability and no ability to access messages when you are offline. That's very unwise.