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Blump'it: Could a Firefox plugin squash ChromeOS? (Download Squad)

Dec 12th 2009 4:16PM Thanks Brad for the article. I sent you a mail btw.
The Blump'it ! approach is to offer a useful environnement to get the best out the web in tactile.
1°) tactile UI will lead us to imagine new use cases, different from the PC.
2°) Tablets will not replace Keyboard&mouse PC for long typing and photoshoping that need accuracy
3°) We need a new format for websites, at least including big buttons and gestures
Here an interesting article by Mike Elgan : Hello Tablet, goodbye netboo !ks

Video: iFrame tablet PC in action (Engadget)

Jan 24th 2009 7:34PM Thanks for the article, I agree most of the criticisms of the comments :
Yes the camera is not steady
Yes iSomething is ugly if not Apple's product (iFrame is just a codename, i'll find something better soon in the meantime you can suggest me a name , i'll offer you a beer and a free TouchPad

This is not MacWorld with or without Steve, i just wanted to do a live demo of a concept developped in a month timeframe, most on the time dealing with drivers. I want to promote easy access to the web, for non geeks. Just imagine what your parents can do with it. This is not a phone, neither a PC; just something in between. I'd also like to promote the idea of softwares and web pages fitting with 10' inches touchscreens .Your comments are valuable to this project.