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Installing Windows 7 on a Mac (Download Squad)

Jan 24th 2009 3:16AM Apple have always been a 'premier' hardware maker ..putting design and usability before the bottom-line ..apart from 'the dark years', they don't do cheap. People who love this concept will naturally gravitate towards Apple because, hell, who else in tech does this? You see the same kind of brand loyalty in cars, clothing, mountain-bikes, etc. If there were more tech companies consistently doing this I'm sure Apple wouldn't be the only one receiving this kind of adoration. ..Sony was maybe in this class once. But IMHO recent console, display, and PC build-quality is suffering now.

Think you're reading too much into her comments dude. She said she *might* not go back to using a PC full-time (there, still open to windows) and is *certainly* not going back to something without Mac on it which, sure, if you want to take it literally sounds like she's married to Mac hardware ..but I think it's reasonable to assume that, if Apple hardware goes to crap like it did in the first sans-Steve era, she'll have the intelligence to re-evaluate her position. (Feel free to shoot her down if she doesn't though.) :) For now, it was just a one sentence. Don't consider it her mantra for life.)

Um, you did seem to be suggesting apple as one of the big corporations who killed the mom&pop stores. If I have to draw you a picture when bringing Bush into the big corporation argument, this is gonna take a real long time. C'mon! I put the words mom&pop and Bush in two connecting sentences!

Installing Windows 7 on a Mac (Download Squad)

Jan 24th 2009 2:08AM @harrison ..Dude, it's just a computer brand. No need to pretend it's a religious war.

Um, please explain what Apple has to do with the obliteration of Mom&Pop corporations? Are you just picking on others now Bush isn't available to blame?

If you'd been using and supporting WinXP, Vista, and Mac machines for several years now, you'd probably feel much more comfortable with the clean-ness of MacOS compared to the too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen Windows flavours. Apple machines really aren't the pure evil you paint them to be.

Disclaimer: Both my home machines are PC's ..but I have an iPhone and am seriously considering a MacMini for development soon.