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Woman Sues Movie Theater After Getting Caught Recording 'Twilight' (Switched)

Jul 5th 2010 1:27PM It is the theater's property. They have ultimate say what goes on in the theater. I hate seeing glare from cellphones and cameras (both are the same now) while watching a movie. I would prefer a more draconian approach and would gladly attend a theater which practiced such tactics.

There is no incentive for making mountains out of molehills. From this very article it states. "the MPAA and National Association of Theater Owners jointly offer $500 rewards to any theater worker who catches a pirate red-handed. " The pirates were caught red handed. The award is theirs. Any MPAA incentive is nonexistent from this point on, especially when MPAA recommends dropping the charges.

I am grossly disgusted with the pushing for an arrest by the state mafia. Banning them from the theater temporarily or permanently would be well enough.

Off the clock: The Ultimate Porn Surfing Firefox Add-ons (Download Squad)

Jan 30th 2010 4:28PM Tor is anything but secure. If you feel fine sending all of your information to a remote computer that has the potential to mine your information, then go right ahead and use Tor. There also may be bandwidth limitations.

Apple's new iBooks sure looks like Classics iPhone app (Download Squad)

Jan 30th 2010 4:24PM There is a guitar hero clone for the ipod that is borderline copyright infringement. Even mimics the same play styles as using the accelerometer to mimic tilting the guitar.

Why not comment on the dozens of mp3 players and phones that use a similar GUI like the Iphone?

This isn't news, but a typical woe is me attack on closed source development.

Did the Supreme Court Just Save Newspapers? (Politics Daily)

Jan 23rd 2010 2:59PM Distorting the political process? Newsflash! The political process has never been undistorted. It won't make things better or worse. The ruling defends some freedom of speech right which I cherish more.

9 Banned Apps You'll Never See on the iPhone (Switched)

Nov 7th 2009 12:22AM That is econ 101. However, new economic thought shows that not to be the case. Big G(overnment) only prolongs the inevitable.

9 Banned Apps You'll Never See on the iPhone (Switched)

Nov 7th 2009 12:19AM I liked the idea about the shaking baby app. It taught people that shaking babies can kill them. It was a good, yet politically incorrect teaching tool.

Migration from Chamber of Commerce over climate change (BloggingStocks)

Oct 6th 2009 7:28PM It's all political/ PR for Apple. They took a trendy stance on the issue that's popular with their user-base.

Opera retakes top mobile browser spot from iPhone (Download Squad)

Jun 4th 2009 3:25AM Look who's misleading. If iphone and touch were combined, i would give safari only about a 6% lead. Far from being "far ahead". Plus, the article makes it crystal clear it is being compared to the iphone and itouch seperately. Not safari.

Wolfram Alpha is live and interesting, but not a Google killer (Download Squad)

May 16th 2009 5:23PM google does some things similiar. i type in weather for a zipcode and it shows me it.