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Proper web browsing on a console: Firefox coming to the Sony PS3? (Download Squad)

Nov 21st 2009 6:53AM Not sure why you think the PS3 browser is 'considered one of the worst and most unreliable'? It's a very good browser supporting YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Facebook etc. etc. I use mine with my Webmail account too and it even supports uploading files from your hard disk via Web forms. Its very stable and flicking between windows is easy and fast.
Saying that I am a big Firefox user on the PC so having the choice would be great. Firefox is a notorious memory hog though which is something all consoles are limited by, so if true it would be interesting to see if they have cut a lot out of it or severely limit it in some way.

Microsoft exec predicts Sony will be forced to cut PS3 prices (Engadget)

Jan 7th 2009 12:00PM If Sony hadn't used the Blu-Ray when they did for the PS3 then the high definition war would still be going on which wouldn't benefit anyone. Its the PS3 which really tipped the balance and got people watching HD movies. Just because you don't want to move forward doesn't mean everyone else should be stuck in the dark ages.
Secondly, the price on release actually wasn't that bad. In the UK the 60GB PS3 was £425 when released and the 40GB PS3 was £299 when released (both in 2007). When the ZX Spectrum first came out it in 1982 it cost £174 which is equivalent (with inflation) to being £445 now. The Commodore 64 was £399 in 1983 which would be £970 now! The original Playstation was £299.99 in 1995 which would be £416 in todays money, and the original Xbox was £299.99 in 2002 which would be £352 now. When you use NEW technology to push things forward it costs money to develop and is called progression. If we didn't develop and use this technology there would be no incentive to invent new and better things and we would still be playing with a ball attached to a cup with a piece of string.

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