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iOS devices filling up? Try deleting some apps (TUAW.com)

Jan 20th 2011 8:43AM I have the same problem too! Wrote in to iTunes support but they were not able to help me, and I was asked to call Apple support instead. #asktuaw
Does anyone know how to solve this?

iOS devices filling up? Try deleting some apps (TUAW.com)

Jan 20th 2011 8:40AM What if my Mac crashes? Is there any 1-click option to grab all my previously purchased apps on a brand new machine? I don't sync all my apps to my iPhone.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 is out of Beta, available to download as a standalone app (Download Squad)

Oct 25th 2010 11:06PM Does it improve on the obnoxious times need for file transfers?

What will the iPhone 5 be made of? (TUAW.com)

Oct 25th 2010 10:55PM They'd make it like the iMac, with Unibody Liquid Metal, keeping the border antennae like the iPhone 4.

iOS 4 and iPhone 3G is a match made in... what's the opposite of heaven? (TUAW.com)

Jul 23rd 2010 1:39AM Perhaps the key is to install as new and not restore from many backups.

devsugar: Farewell, UIGetScreenImage() (TUAW.com)

Jul 21st 2010 11:20PM Will existing apps in the app store be yanked if they do not update it to remove the UIGetScreenImage() API call?

If they are allowed to remain then perhaps it would be easier to release another version of the same app with update apis called eg, Red Laser for iOS4

iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking support hidden away for pre-3GS devices (TUAW.com)

Jun 22nd 2010 5:46AM So multi-tasking on the 3G is done by editing the plist.
Can we enable home screen wallpaper this way too?

Microsoft responds to Google's internal condemnation of Windows; puzzled looks abound (Download Squad)

Jun 2nd 2010 11:16PM Since Chrome OS is gonna be out pretty soon (See http://www.downloadsquad.com/2010/06/02/chrome-os-set-to-arrive-earlier-than-expected/) I guess Google won't want to waste $$ buying MS Windows licenses.

Tonight on Fox31: Georgia TV station buys iPads for news anchors (TUAW.com)

Apr 25th 2010 11:39PM Our news anchors have been using laptops for the past few years to reduce paper use. It doesn't have to be an iPad. Just use an existing laptop.

My ridiculously convenient iPad set-up (TUAW.com)

Apr 5th 2010 10:26PM SKU is 120147