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Zeam hands on: a lightweight and minimalist Android launcher (Download Squad)

Jan 12th 2011 3:55PM @Sebastian Anthony

LauncherPro is what you need to review. I wish CM didn't come preinstalled with ADW, or that there was at least an option to have it come with LP. I bought LP+ and love it on a day to day basis.

LP also has dock swipe gesture actions, to both launch applications or shortcuts of your choosing, as well as some custom features built into the app, including one to show your most recent applications, making task switching easier while on the home screen. I have mine set up with 3 docks, the middle one for basic functions such as phone, messaging, etc. Then the 2 others have shortcuts to Apps Organizer, allowing me to see my apps divided up into categories. Add in swipe gestures, and i dont have to keep any actual shortcuts on the homescreen itself, freeing it up for widgets, including the ones that come with LP+.

Just saying, done right, LP+ is IMO the current best launcher. And the developer is currently recoding it from the ground up so it doesnt rely in the native launcher code anymore.