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Windows 7 beta ISO the hottest download on the net? (Download Squad)

Dec 29th 2008 9:17PM Ive been using the PDC Alpha 6801 and its ran flawlessly for me.
Drivers installed no problem (if the installation media didnt have them, Windows Update did) This was a big step....back in the vista alpha/beta days, drivers were hard to come by if nonexistent. so this was nice.
As for gaming, i played Prey, World of Warcraft, and a plethora of other system intensive games on it and it ran, again, flawlessly.
My system specs are somewhat meager to what people are running typically these days. Its only a p4 3.4ghz with 2 gb of ram and a Geforce 9500. Nothing super special --or expensive. 7 is purportedly designed to run on lesser hardware from the getgo, and from this install, it runs great.
Ive also got it running on my old laptop. a 1.7ghz Centrino with 1 gb of ram (this was my vista beta test machine, and even throughout the RTM versions of vista, it sucked BIG TIME!) In just a couple days of using seven, ive converted 4 of my 8 machines to it. --ITS THAT GOOD!
Its stable, no issues here. i ran the bluebadge hack on 6801 to unlock the superbar, and man was i surprised. its the biggest update to the way you manage your windows since windows95. its simple and super efficient. i like that.
Another neat feature i like is that i can now burn ISO's through windows. just double click the iso and hit burn. no more nero or alcohol just for isos.
As for the above issues with skype and office? i use skype and office simultaneously every single day and have not experienced this, nor have i needed to use the compatibility tab for anything. Could just be a fluke.

Its true this is a tweaked version of vista, think of it as its trimmed down cousin. its lean, mean, and FAST. even on older hardware.

So far i am completely satisfied using this OS on a daily basis.
After using vista for so long and putting up with the blood associated with being on its bleeding edge, its nice to have an alpha os that beats an RTM one hands down --from the same company no less. Seems like redmond has seen the light.
But dont take my word for it, go get the beta and see for yourself!