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Yep, Gabe Newell is a billionaire (Joystiq)

Mar 7th 2012 10:57PM If you read the article in the link, the author says that Valve "only launches a few games a year".....yea right....

PSA: ME3 on the 360 can't import ME2 saves in (or transferred by) the cloud (Joystiq)

Mar 3rd 2012 8:56PM @SirUrza
ah I see. thanks for the explanation.
wonder if it's possible to do it for GFWL PC games...
not that I'd touch them with a bargepole of course. The slap in the face from Batman Arkham City for PC is still stinging.

PSA: ME3 on the 360 can't import ME2 saves in (or transferred by) the cloud (Joystiq)

Mar 3rd 2012 6:38PM Hey Joystiq. Is there a technical explanation as to why it doesn't recognise cloud-based saves? The saves must be tied to that machine I guess, but shouldnt it be to the account?
(don't own an xbox so unfamiliar with xbox saves)

Hayashi: Team Ninja taming its 'sex and violence' image in DoA 5 (Joystiq)

Feb 14th 2012 8:12PM Wait. But what about the boob jiggling software. Somebody spent a long time coding that..

Valve games come to Impulse (Joystiq)

Jan 31st 2012 8:34PM Uhhh. What?
Hmm. Something's wrong. My brain doesn't know how to react to this piece of news.

Xperia ion is Sony's latest PlayStation-Certified smartphone (Joystiq)

Jan 9th 2012 8:57PM That's some very obvious line reading right there

Sony refutes Hirai promotion, says 'nothing has been determined' (Joystiq)

Jan 9th 2012 12:25PM @jackdan594 so hot. also, whenever I hear him speak, I like to think he'd be good on Iron Chef. Or at least a Mortal Kombat film.

UK gov't recognizes computer science education is important (Joystiq)

Nov 29th 2011 1:23PM @Fugaku According to this article, they're basically recommending replacing teaching "excel, word, Access" with real programming. Should be a good idea. This generation is so wired these days that they shouldn't have to teach people how to create tables

Batman: Arkham City PC performance issues linked to DX11, patch incoming (Joystiq)

Nov 25th 2011 7:38PM It's not just that. There's also that GfWL DRM that has this weird 5 activation maximum that's sitting on top of Steam. Right now I'm not even sure if I own the game anymore.

Company of Heroes franchise 80% off on Steam this weekend (Joystiq)

Sep 23rd 2011 6:12PM I still play this game. and the GR chat channel is one of the best trolling spots on the internet