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Acer Aspire One D150 reviewed, AT&T 3G deal 'only the beginning' (Engadget)

Feb 9th 2009 11:08PM What does that mean, "to play us out??"

Bloom: Brian Eno's ambient music app for iPhone (Download Squad)

Oct 10th 2008 5:14AM Definitely more expensive than your traditional ambience app for the iPhone, but it comes with the Brian Eno label, and therefore I jumped on it immediately.

And it's awesome.

iPhone review (Engadget)

Jul 3rd 2007 4:36PM When I read this review, word-for-word, I actually got the impression that the iPhone was vaporware: crappy e-mail, a crashing and slow safari (that prevents you from recieving calls), an inferior and unnatural input method, and a glaring lack of obvious gotchas: no IM, no ability to purchase iTunes from the iPhone, no ability to manually manage your media.

And then when I read the last line, it makes it seem like the iPhone is a good buy. All I hear from iPhone users are willful apologists, wanting to believe their phone is great because Apple went 110% on a few signature features.

I'm worried the iPhone is going to end up about as blah as the Mac OS, something that only creates cults, but turns out impractical for most people

How would you change MySpace? (Download Squad)

Dec 8th 2005 6:38PM These comments against the music videos are naive. It's not just noobie internet users enamored by flashing lights. Myspace is a pyramid SNS, with the muscians and glamorous at the top, and everybody else below supporting them. You don't have to be a music lover to be part of myspace, but it de facto functions as a new MTV. So music videos are the service. And if you talk to kids who love myspace, they love the music.