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Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 is out of Beta, available to download as a standalone app (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2010 10:42AM 2010 stats, right from the horse's mouth:

windows live messenger—330m active users

skype—124m active users

did you even do research, or is this all your personal opinion? yes, i am denying that the number of skype users vastly outnumbers the number of users on the WLM platform. i never said anything about user interface and "superiority" of one platform over another.

Inside the new music streaming service Rdio, quick review and gallery (Download Squad)

Jun 7th 2010 3:26PM How does it stack up against spotify?

Leaked AT&T doc slams the Palm Pre (Engadget Mobile)

Apr 22nd 2009 12:48PM Doesn't the iPhone have a plastic casing as well? Metal bezel doesn't really count does it?

Sony Ericsson Idou hands-on and video walkthrough (Engadget Mobile)

Feb 16th 2009 4:02PM S60 — the guy says so when going through the photos at 1:14. SE UI on top of S60