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Engadget giveaway: win a huge box of stuff from Josh's office! (Engadget)

Mar 3rd 2010 8:34PM Is this the box from Futurama that contains our own universe?

Apple's App Store breaks 100,000 apps (Engadget)

Nov 4th 2009 1:14PM 100,000 apps... awesome. Thank you Apple for revolutionizing the industry.

However, with useless app comments aside... I still don't think they should count any app available in 10 different languages as 10 apps. It's still just 1 app. with options.

Now if it's a useless app in 10 different languages... then that really pisses me off. It just makes finding the good apps that much harder.

Microsoft Security Essentials rated best free antivirus for Windows (Download Squad)

Oct 31st 2009 10:54AM If it was part of the OS then Microsoft would just face more antitrust lawsuits from whiny morons. Also, it would only not be needed if people didn't write viruses attacking the most common OS in the world. You can't cause mass chaos by targeting Mac & Linux system when they have so little market share for the mainstream user.

Zune 4.0 now available - existing Zune owners, get your update! (Download Squad)

Sep 16th 2009 11:33AM Got it yesterday... works pretty slick. Now just waiting for my pre-ordered Zune HD to arrive...

Engadget's back to school giveaway, part 3! (Engadget)

Sep 14th 2009 12:42PM I missed the 2nd giveaway... I'll still give this stuff to my college students for prizes :)

Upgrading to Windows 7? Set aside 21 hours, just in case (Engadget)

Sep 12th 2009 8:35AM Especially a "power user / all-around nerd" who has "half-terabyte of information and two score programs"

My mom's computer should upgrade as fast as a fresh install... she only uses IE and Solitaire :)

Engadget's back to school giveaway, part one! (Engadget)

Sep 1st 2009 9:42AM Pass 'em this way and I'll give them out to my students this year!

How-To: Install Windows 7 and live to tell about it (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2009 1:37PM I just installed the RTM version courtesy of MSDN this weekend. Went from Vista Ultimate x64 to Windows 7 x64 as a fresh install... no in place upgrades. Installed faster and more smoothly than XP or Vista ever did. Very slick OS... boots quickly, uses less ram, even seems to multitask better. Everything is running great except for my sound card. Creative's X-Fi beta driver for Windows 7 doesn't seem to like me. Changed over to the on board and sound a works just fine. I'll change it back when their driver comes out of beta in October.

Microsoft relents to European Commission, will give users browser freedom in Windows 7 (Engadget)

Jul 24th 2009 2:30PM I agree... but everytime I post a comment like this I get called a troll. Let the name calling ensue in 3... 2...