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iDeaS Nintendo DS emulator updated, works well (Download Squad)

Jan 8th 2009 6:37PM DiRT, I disagree.. I am interested in some of the newer consoles, but grew up during the joystick days of game consoles and detest the D-Pad-type controllers. I'd much rather play a game with a programmable joystick, than the (in my opinion) 4-bit alternative that's the norm after Paystation.

Sometimes , the reason isn't because you're looking to get something for free.. sometimes it's because you have options with a PC that you don't have with a console gamepad.

Opera 10 Alpha 1 web browser passes the Acid3 test (Download Squad)

Dec 5th 2008 2:07PM I don't know... I've used Opera, IE, Firefox, GreenBrowser (a wrap for IE) and quite a few others over the years and I run into a common thread.

You tell a lot of websites that you're running anything other than IE or Firefox and they start "not working". Used to be the same way with Firefox as well until it got popular enough that people started seriously complaining and they had to admit Firefox into the "Holy Sanctioned" realm at a lot of websites.

If I tell Opera to tell websites it's IE 5 or 6, everything usually works fine. It think in a lot of cases, you hit sites that are programmed to reject anything *not* IE or Firefox.