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30GB Zunes mysteriously begin to fail at 12AM, December 31st -- day of reckoning to follow (Engadget)

Dec 31st 2008 5:51PM dude just wait till tomorrow its a driver thing relating to the leap year... odd but simple let the battery die charge it it'll be fine january 1st. fuck go out and have some fun listen to live music its new years eve.

Sony joins the bandwagon, declares death to annoying clamshell packaging (Engadget)

Dec 19th 2008 4:46AM my fingers and teeth will be pleased

Leaked firmware for BlackBerry Storm is .08 higher than .75 (Engadget)

Dec 19th 2008 4:42AM has anybody tried this yet??? my girlfriend has this phone but shes all for show so i wanna get my hands dirty while she sleeps... but i dont want to have to lie about why her phone is a brick...

A note on comments (Engadget)

Dec 19th 2008 3:47AM i commented on the storm post that maybe you guys (Engadget) were slipping. but now with this post i see you have acknowledged us (your totally loyal faithful obsessive readership.) this is getting terrible and it's bad for both sides. im sorry we called you a bitch...friends?

RIM calls the Storm "Verizon's best-selling device" -- whatever that means (Engadget)

Dec 18th 2008 10:28PM dude engadget like eggs the whole "it won't outsell the iphone thing the eff on"... who cares how much the storm sells, really? im tired of the whole "who has the biggest dick thing" you guys got going on with the iphone and every effing mid, mp3, feature phone, smart phone, free on-contract motorola etc. 3 out of 5 posts have the word iphone and it makes me want to blend mine. this is why gizmodo is better... at least their apple fanaticism comes with a side of humor. i remember this site turned me on to like tech blogs and the whole little scene.... and its sad to see every article reduced to a drinking contest with the iphone. quality has declined severely i might as well be reading boy genius. just another blog with about as much class as tmz.

Teacher confiscates Linux CDs, claims no software is free (Download Squad)

Dec 10th 2008 2:39PM i actually just finished reading the article, and yea you are right it is obvious...this is actually really depressing to read i still cannot believe this is a teacher...

Teacher confiscates Linux CDs, claims no software is free (Download Squad)

Dec 10th 2008 2:26PM i don't understand why she "obviously supports" Microsoft... we used apple computers when i was in school... is there more to this story you forgot to mention, or are you simply assuming she was supporting Microsoft? as for the teacher i think its a real shame that the people teaching our children are so ill informed about the technology that surrounds all of us today... and to vilify the boy i think she has a real problem and it is the school that should be researching her

JVC turns on the first 720p billboard in Times Square (Engadget)

Dec 4th 2008 1:54AM yea times square like display madness wouldn't really fly down her in la...sucks we probably wont get super cool touch screen advertisement dealies in red line stations anytime soon....

Mr. Blurrycam sneaks a peek at Windows 7's new boot video (Engadget)

Dec 4th 2008 1:39AM no boot time??? like soft core os porn....