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Should you be paid for the time it takes to boot your computer? (Download Squad)

Dec 1st 2008 10:25AM Corporations are immortal. They're soulless and often extremely powerful money making machines.
They exist for profit and will use what ever means possible to do so or die.
An employee is on the clock when he/she walks through the door until they leave or the corp will fire them.
Often a corp will bill out at at least twice an employees' hours to a clients project.
Never feel sorry for a boss, a company or a corporation because you have to stand up and stretch a couple times in a 10 hour day.
And never worry about their cheap tools or self serving protocols costing you time.

Four apps that will/might keep your wife from killing you (Download Squad)

Dec 1st 2008 10:10AM Hi, I'm surprised no one has mentioned SpinRite from Steve Gibsons' site
GRC.com .

If it can't recover the data on a pooched drive then the data no longer exists.