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iPad app dev sees 50% piracy rate (TUAW.com)

Aug 25th 2010 4:58AM This falls into the *same* flaw as the other piracy whiners who do not understand the ecosystem they are selling into..

Apps are sold not on a 1 to 1 basis (1 app sale per device) but rather apps are sold per iTunes account.. any husband/wife/parent child etc who have multiple devices (which by all accounts is a rather signficant portion of the Apple family) will be using the game on multiple devices.. IE showing up multiple times on the "login to save your high score" type comparisons.

I am sure there is some piracy going on, I am just not convinced that the math here adds up.. on an avg title the number of pirated copies of an app should be around the same % (compared to sales) as the ratio of jailbroken phones.. which is most assuredly *not* anywhere near 50%

I think the only time a developer under the current system could even begin to be concerned about piracy would be if the number of registrations is signifcantly higher than the actual number of licenses they are selling (IE not 1 but rather 5 app licenses per sale) so if you start to see 1 sale and 10 registrations for the "full version" then you have a piracy issue, but 3 sales and 6 registrations? meh

Instead of crying about piracy, talk to Apple about somehow including a key from the itunes account not just the device in iOS 5... That said I seriously doubt that most of these guys that are griping about piracy even comprehend that they are selling 5 packs of their apps for 1.99..

Website owners: Opera users are the most valuable, in terms of ad clicks (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2010 5:44PM This is the proverbial "much ado about nothing"

Opera has the fewest users, therefore everything that any of those users do is magnified in signifcance (at least on the scales we are talking about here)

What follows is a completely made up set of numbers to prove the point

Browser A has 10 users who each click 1 ad one time generating 10 "hits"
Browser B has 100 users 10 of whom each click 10 ads generating 100 "hits"
Browser C has 10000 users who combined generate 500 "hits"

Comparing in this fashion is meaningless.. as clearly browser C has the "most" hits and is the most "valuable" (assuming everything else is equal and the pages where all displayed exactly the same every time for every user)

Until/unless the sample size can be measured to be the same under controlled circumstances (and given the browser market it would need to be a very large number of subjects) the numbers mean next to nothing when taken out of context.

Or if you have read this far, tiny sample of users (opera's installed base) does not generate useful stats that can be applied to the browser market as a whole.. any more than asking your nearest 5 friends what their favorite food is can predict a trend (beyond what your 5 friends like to eat)

Arrrrr. The pirates have plundered StarDunk (TUAW.com)

Aug 16th 2010 4:59PM Indeed.. and given the lack of recognition of the app here, it would appear they are just trying to pin the lack of sales on piracy, rather than crappy game.

Augen's Kmart tablet and smartbook won't have Google-branded apps from now on (Engadget)

Aug 7th 2010 11:26PM @Arkv2 The problem here is yet another example of the platform fragmentation..

Google needs to decide if they are marketing "with Google" or "android" atm the market is a fragmented mess of "with google" devices such as the MyTouch, legit but not with google devices (anything with Sense, Blur or any other custom UI on top of it but still having marketplace access) and the "rest" or "bulk" of the devices on market which have neither..

Its a nightmare for the consumer who equates Android with Droid (verizon's lineup of android phones which are heavily marketed) and even more of one for developers..

Theres a big huge gulf between "apple walled garden iron fisted control" and "its open source anyone can use it" If google wants android to be anything more than a replacement for Brew as the phone OS of choice.. they need to start reigning in the platform and issuing reference designs platform requirements to be Branded as having Android. (not to mention renaming the Open Source portion of android which is incredibly small stack sitting on top of standard linux)

Life after death: Phantom game console remembered in design mockups (Engadget)

Jul 26th 2010 9:12PM @d0mth0ma5 a vaporware console you mean? it was never actually born :P

Motorola's rugged i1 coming to Sprint: July 25 for $150 on contract (Engadget)

Jul 19th 2010 12:01PM This is not the first time this has appeared, its been available on boost for a while now @399.99 (though only through dealers not on their website)

As far as them shitting it out as android 1.5 it makes no sense, it all goes back to "old world" thinking in terms of carrier/manufacturer/retailer.. They are still living in a world where things move at a glacial pace, where OS is either not relevant (featurephones/dumbphones) or where updates are widely spaced and largely designed around new/different hardware (windows mobile/symbian/blackberry)

This is the same deal as samsung getting deer in headlights look when questioned on the behold2 firmware updates etc. None of these manufacturers where ready for "moving target android" hell not even HTC who has been the most responsive (i know i know not saying much) in terms of smartphone makers.. has largely failed to deliver updates in a timely fashion..

All because in the carrier/manufacturer world.. these are not "updates" but rather "upgrades" and reasons for you to buy a NEW SHINY PHONE rather than update your old one.

That said.. at some point in time google, the hardware vendors, and the carriers are gonna have to make a decision on updates/timeframes/supported versions of devices.. or the entire android bubble will rapidly burst and become "the dumbphone OS of choice for carriers who like to brand things" rather than a *cough* smartphone OS *cough*

Someone posted that the "contractor wont care what OS version he is running" that is likely true, however he will care when he cannot download any apps at all because App vendors refuse to support outdated phones and 17 versions of the android stack just because moto is lazy.

Prince offers the first proof that he's actually aging, says the internet is 'over' (Engadget)

Jul 6th 2010 1:10PM @MNeko Metallica has that record locked up tight over their umm yah metallica/napster fan alienation record books :P

Pre Plus and Pixi Plus free on contract, with free accessories, too (Engadget)

Jul 4th 2010 7:33PM @shadowj0 its just an online portal for pre/pixie to try to move the backlog of overproduced devices.

What killed the Kin? (Engadget)

Jul 1st 2010 10:20AM @ZeCoder Nah what killed kin was pricing.. had this thing been put out on all the "pay one price" prepaid carriers for a sub 100ish pricepoint (think Metro PCS/Virgin Mobile/Boost/etc) they would be selling them faster than they could manufacture them.

Instead they went with Verizon, vastly overpriced the device, and the plans (this is a super feature phone not a smart phone..) named it something absurd, and then half cancel it while still selling it..

This is the same company that is stepping 10 years back in time though with its "windows phone 7 super deluxe ultimate edition for 2010 feature phone"

Hulu CEO: we're 'complementary' to cable (Engadget)

Jul 1st 2010 10:03AM Considering the fact that "hulu" is not a company at all but merely a brand created by fox and NBC universal of course they are not out to kill cable.

The fact that engadget misrepresents and misreports the ownership of Hulu (allowing them to say things like "sorry its not us its the content owners our hands our tied" when in fact they are the content owners who are tying their own hands) still after all this time is really really really absurd.

BTW this blurb:

ounded in March 2007, Hulu is operated independently by a dedicated management team with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Beijing. NBC Universal, News Corp., The Walt Disney Company, Providence Equity Partners and the Hulu team share in the ownership stake of the company.

Keeping in mind that Providence Equity is not a real company (they are a shell used to mask real ownership positions of spinoff companies/joint ventures etc. And that the Walt Disney Company has a VERY VERY minimal stake in Hulu (given as a bone to try to get them onboard with the Hulu idea)

We are left with a News Corp/NBC-universal controlled entity, staffed by NBC/FOX employees, who talk out their ass all the time about "struggling to get the evil content companies to let us put more episodes of more shows out for you guys! WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU"

How this line of crap has been repeated for 2 years at engadget as if it was gospel, is a mystery to me