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Windows 8 Explorer to feature Ribbon UI, SkyDrive and Mesh integration? (Download Squad)

Apr 3rd 2011 7:04PM @chuck norris: I don't disagree with you but demographically, I am an old man (69) and feel that MS should (and has so far) reserved a place for those of us who only want news items, not "now" tech stuff younger people adore.

Why I'm staying with AT&T (TUAW.com)

Jan 11th 2011 2:18PM I only stick with AT&T because my girlfriend won't talk to me on any other network. (I have a Sprint account also). Since we talk often (she's on the road a lot in her job) it doesn't cost her anything to talk if we're on the same (AT&T) provider.

Nissan says its new electric car, the Leaf, gets 367 miles per gallon (Engadget)

Aug 15th 2009 11:36AM If you drove your car off the edge of the Grand Canyon, It would go 1 mile....without using any gas along the way!!

Why exactly are we criticizing Bing for porn previews? (Download Squad)

Jun 5th 2009 6:06PM There's no such thing as porn. Its all in your hard....

Stardock Fences adds KDE 4 style desktop organization to Windows (Download Squad)

Feb 9th 2009 8:51AM How much RAM does this sucka use??

Add-Art is an ad blocker and an art show in one (Download Squad)

Feb 6th 2009 11:44AM Damn!! Why not on IE8, too?

No easy upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Feb 6th 2009 9:59AM Thank You! My feelings exactly!!
(62 year old neanderthal)

Multiple Windows 7 versions coming? Say it ain't so! (Engadget)

Jan 25th 2009 2:02PM I'm glad I'm old and only need xp for news...

Obama's transition team urges Congress to postpone DTV cutover (Engadget)

Jan 8th 2009 7:22PM Why should anyone here care when the switchover happens?