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TV's one hit wonders (AOL TV)

Nov 6th 2006 7:35PM ditto for "do Over",man i loved that show so much but also knew it was not going to last, it was just to good.

and i think i must add two other series i would have liked to last way more than they did:

Dead Last (a touring rock bad that could and messed with ghosts) it was like a updated scooby doo for me.

And Parker Lewis:"the winner"

Many don´t know how much some of Bart simpson antics owe to parker lewis.

And if we goo way back, i would need to say sledge hammer and Max Headroom, but those are in dvd.

and right now the show i like the most that could get cancelled at any moment would be My Name Is Earl.

Microsoft's social network Wallop (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2006 5:24PM Damn, Kevin won me to the correction. i do have a wallop account, but for some reason it don´t let me send invites.. i don´t know why.

Windows Live Writer 1.0 beta (Download Squad)

Sep 28th 2006 12:29PM The ability to make plugins to it, already point it to be a great adversary for Performancing.

North American, Japanese PS3 launch limited to 500,000 units (Joystiq)

Sep 6th 2006 5:43PM Mexico, being part of north america (and a united states republic by the way, just as u.s.a, and now with a impossed president just like bush) even if TSo seems to just not care or know.

it´s never included such launches becuase:

A)most of video game piracy in north america is produced here..
B)the market don´t has any urge for product.you sumpply something here and advertise it well, and it will move if is good enough.
C)the black market is 3 times bigger than the official market.... (yeah,really)

No future for desktop and laptop PCs? (Joystiq)

Aug 24th 2006 5:22PM woops, i didn´t read socrates idea, it based on the same thoughts that i have but , at least i expanded it more...


No future for desktop and laptop PCs? (Joystiq)

Aug 24th 2006 5:18PM Yeah, he has a complete wrong angle of things.

Of course that on the go computing will rise incredibly starting at the end of 2007 but, there will always a central box, what i can even dare predict is that for the mainstream, maybe the 70% of the population there will be a central computing box always conected that will control the house remotely, provide security to the devices inside the house and will serve as the main and more secure storage, think in a blackbox for a house and you got the idea. that box will also allow the remote computing processing.

From there, all kind s of devices will be conected and used inside the house and outside of it. alowing for any member of the family to send data to their house or choosing to upload it online.

And since this is the future we are talking about, i can easily predict that this central box will be imperative because it will also manage all the comunications becuase tv/radio/vidphone/etc will pass throught it given that everything should be wireless and data streamed by then.

But not by 2010....heh.

i can see it spread by 2020 and no less than 2015..

i mean, look at the telecom board, they tried to push Digital by 2005 and failed, and it was finally moved to 2010, wich means that by 2010 everything must be digital in a global scope. 2005 was just too ambitious and unlogical in terms of infrastructural development.

P.S: to the guy who said that 3gigs of bandwith would be needed, the line is not the only thing important. i say that 100mb/1gb will be the norm and will be MORE than enough.

Huge PlayStation 3 shortages predicted, Sony stock sinks (Engadget)

Aug 24th 2006 2:24PM The moment they said they were going for blu-ray the moment i thought "this is going to be interesting" and after Ms wisely decided not to support blu-ray and go for hd-dvd for both the xbox360-vista pc (even if it´s not out of the box) and to target online distribution, i knew sony were in for a huge fight, they could easily lose., i think that the way the PS3 is going to sell, will be very likeable 360 did but in reverse.. poor sales in usa not only because of the price but because there is no way in hell, that at the rate they are producing the they will favor USA instead of JAPAN.

In JAPAN the PS3 will cause a huge DS like riot and the japanese will actually start buying the 360 becuase there will not be not even a third of the supply needed with the PS3 for that market and because by then there will be 15 japanese targeted 360 games.

it´s just like that. that same effect happened when the DS lite sold out, for the three weeks the DS was nowhere to be seen, the PSP sales fired up.

But about sony being taken out by this inmediately?, nah, you know what is giving sony the biggest money? The sonyericcson deal, PS2 and their Laptops. they amassed almost 5billion this time, so it will take harder blow this time that when the Playstation was launched and it was the only thing that saved the company from having to sell 25% of their stock and diluting itself or worse.

Windows Live growing out of control (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2006 2:45PM Well, i don´t think they have been overboard, they are in for a KILIING not to just represent you know.

Yahoo is now into a general upgrade, and Google has begun his own in anticipation to Live wich start in a full public form in two-three weeks (Global advertising) , so that kinda says it all..

RSS Readers: SOUND OFF! (Download Squad)

Jul 21st 2006 2:35PM After using everything there is(about 36 different), i think the 3 best RSS readers are:

(without anyorder in particular)

1.-Fizzle extension for Firefox
2.-Flock Mynews reader.
3.-IE7 Rss Reader.