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Rdio is the phoenix rising from Kazaa's ashes... and it's legal! (Download Squad)

Jun 4th 2010 7:36AM we get internet filtering. stop complaining :P

nah, its sucks to be us.

42goals lets you track and graph goals of all kinds (Download Squad)

May 18th 2010 9:42AM you've failed to link to the reviewed site...

i found it, it looks pretty good though.

Uncensored is a simple online BBS with intelligent content (Download Squad)

May 10th 2010 6:40PM exactly what i was thinking.

Apple developing Flash alternative, adding insult to Adobe's injury (Download Squad)

May 9th 2010 12:02AM where can we test some of these apple webapps? shows what your Facebook friends like, all over the web (Download Squad)

Apr 26th 2010 9:27AM nice. when will DSquad get a "Like" button??

TUAW predicts tomorrow's event (

Jan 26th 2010 11:35PM yes Rawson, nicely said!

Cross-platform Silverlight out-of-browser Facebook client finally launches (Download Squad)

Jan 26th 2010 10:53AM i forgot, momentarily, that i'm on a mac so the above question no longer matters to me :D