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10 easy ways to play with Linux without leaving Windows (Download Squad)

Sep 28th 2009 11:44PM Best way I've found is what I am doing now.Use Vista on my gaming rig, and Ubuntu on my web surfing rig running Synergy to use one keyboard,mouse and dual monitors. This way I can learn when I have time and still always default back to Windows when needed until I feel comfortable enough to finally leave it behind. It's also nice when I need to cut and paste something from a Google search from one machine to the other.

14 portable web browsers for Windows (Download Squad)

Sep 14th 2009 4:18PM I've got portable versions of all these and a few others on my thumbdrive for logging into more than one Facebook account at a time, on one machine.
Have to say the QTWeb browser is just waaaaaayyyyy too slow for me. Absolute worst of the bunch.

It's not a good week to be a BitTorrent tracker (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2009 12:01AM When I see the likes of someone like Britney Spears, Bill Gates, and Will Smith making less than $100k per year like the average consumer that buys their goods, then I'll consider paying for their crap.

Find freeware versions of commercial apps with Last Freeware Version (Download Squad)

Jan 19th 2009 2:29PM The site 'portable freeware collection' kind of does the same thing BUT for portable apps. They list the last free version of portable apps before they become "un"portable or go shareware.


Free GizmoDrive is an excellent virtual CD, DVD, and HDD app (Download Squad)

Jan 19th 2009 2:22PM No I don't think it does. I just like the way you can easily mount files by clicking on the .iso (or any image file) and it mounts like you just threw in a cd. Some of the mounting programs are kind of a pain to get the image file ready to use.
The program you have here is more feature rich, but I think it's a little more complicated to mount basic files.

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Alpha is now available (Download Squad)

Nov 23rd 2008 4:49PM My question is, when are they going to make the wireless network setup simpler? The hard wired always seems to work right after install with little to no problem. I find every time I try to install Ubuntu on a machine where I really want the wireless to work (I.E. a laptop, or a remote machine) the damn wireless setup is like trying to have a baby. It never works out of the shoot, then it's a LONG and painful delivery with complications after the birth!!
Please O' pleassssse fix the wireless Canonical!!