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Sprint's Dan Hesse talks Android, Pre, iPhone, 4G on Charlie Rose (Engadget)

Sep 12th 2009 12:33AM I have to agree with (most) everyone's comments. Sprint seems the most pro-customer. In all actuality, they always have. They were the first to go all digital, and had 3G WAY before AT&T. It's too bad they have made some mistakes and don't have great coverage in a lot of areas. If I wasn't on contract, I would give them another shot to see if their service is any better where I live.

Chirp is a stunning Windows Twitter client, if you have tons of ram (Download Squad)

Feb 18th 2009 1:15AM You may want to try Twittle as well. http://twittle.net Right now it's using about 30mb of memory and you can actually change the size of the window (unlike blu).

Palm Pre first hands-on with live updates! (Engadget)

Jan 8th 2009 5:22PM 1) You can switch directly from app to app without having to go back to the home screen.
2) You can have multiple drafts of an email open at a time
3) Unified Messaging: IM/SMS/MMS all in one thread regardless of type of message
4) Multiple sources for your Calendars/Contacts and displayed together or seperately
5) View 5 email accounts all together without having to switch (iPhone is always segregated).
6) LED Camera Flash
7) Physical Keyboard
8) Search entire device (very spotlight esque)
9) Turn by turn navigation baked in

Apple: Snow Leopard release in Q1 2009 (Engadget)

Nov 19th 2008 11:09AM Anyone who didn't see this coming is an idiot. Apple is going to release the Core i7 iMac and tout it's GrandCentral technology shipping with Snow Leopard.... all of this timing is too perfect to ignore.

I could easily see Apple refreshing their entire desktop line during Macworld... The Mini is probably going to be the most interesting product to watch... will they roll it into Apple TV or will they roll it down the better performance hill...

With all that being said, there are about 5 features that are real end-user features being added to Snow Leopard... one of the biggest MS has had for years... Exchange.