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TUAW poll: what will Apple announce at Friday's press conference? (TUAW.com)

Jul 15th 2010 2:45AM There will announce a new cloud syncing service and not talk at all about the reception issues.

CNN makes bigger mobile push with new iPhone app (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2009 5:14AM Doesn't seem to be available in all stores. Seems a common newbie mistake that US content providers CNN, Etrade, Mint, etc think that there apps should only be published in/restricted to the US itunes store.

Ask Engadget: Best portable photo backup / storage device? (Engadget)

May 22nd 2009 2:26AM For name brand a ot of the pro's like the Epson series of Multimedia photoviewers.
They are not cheap though but have additional features like quality hi-res screens, ability to view camera raw files and good battery life.


European regulators could force Microsoft to unbundle Internet Explorer (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2009 3:26AM Good point by #24.

It depends on your definition of unbundling..
Unbundle it in terms of letting MS services such as update and others not require check for IE and you have a winner..

This is where MS could really improve.
Having a browser that works on install is a convenience feature and customers need it. Then allow them to install whatever personal preference they have.

Just like having a firewall is convenient, having A/V protection is convenient, etc.

Chinese pirates offering cheap AVCHD Blu-ray rips on disguised DVD-Rs (Engadget)

Nov 18th 2008 10:30PM Actually in Asia the advantage is time. Remember computers at home are a luxury most people do not have, and if they do they do not have access to reliable high speed data. Even if you do have access, your still talking many many hours from a P2P source or pick a couple up in 5 minutes while your passing by the Mall.

Chinese pirates offering cheap AVCHD Blu-ray rips on disguised DVD-Rs (Engadget)

Nov 18th 2008 10:25PM I live in the Philippines - you can buy them here also for around $1.
They all come from the same source in China and the quality is actually very high.