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Recent Comments: offers dictionary search better than Google's (Download Squad)

Feb 10th 2010 3:25PM is my favorite online dictionary. Quick, simple, reliable...

Win A Copy of Outrageous Yachts (Luxist)

Nov 10th 2009 10:16AM Been enjoying Deidre's posts for years. Keep up the awesome work!

Gadling's 10 days of gadget giveaways - day 10 - "super swag bag" (Gadling)

Nov 28th 2008 11:32PM Home. I love going on vacations and traveling for extended periods of time, but it is always the best to get home!

Gadling's 10 days of gadget giveaways - day 6 - SeV Evolution jacket (Gadling)

Nov 25th 2008 9:26AM anything that will get me through security with no problems. I've been wanting to wear my new vibrum fivefingers but its too cold where i live.

Gadling's 10 days of gadget giveaways - day 5 - Otterbox iPod or Blackberry case (Gadling)

Nov 21st 2008 6:54PM My APS camera dropped out of my pocket and into a stream while I was visiting the forests of Panama. The film developed, kinda. The camera was toast even though I dried it out. I was lucky to find a new one (way back in 1998).

Gadling's 10 days of gadget giveaways - day 1 - Slacker G2 personal radio player (Gadling)

Nov 20th 2008 5:23PM Anything Jimmy Buffett, its all happy feel good island music, gets me ready for a rum and coke!

Gadling's 10 days of gadget giveaways - day 2 - The NotebookBuffer (Gadling)

Nov 20th 2008 5:17PM I never leave home with out my blackberry curve

Gadling's 10 days of gadget giveaways - day 4 - Proporta Gadget bag (Gadling)

Nov 20th 2008 5:06PM black macbook, 2 ipods, olympus 1080 camera, sd cards, travel mouse and power cords. I travel a lot and it will be very helpful!

Gadling goes camping (win free Coleman stuff!) (Gadling)

Aug 25th 2008 3:08PM My favorite camping trip was this year in Georgia. I got engaged and a tornado destroyed the ranger station. The storm came through and everyone was hiding under the beds in the urt (sp). I was looking through the canvas windows at the trees getting knocked over and the debris flying all over. My fiance crawled to a different window and screamed for her new car not to get squished. It was pretty exciting all all done within about 5 minutes but it was a rush. The ranger station was banged up pretty bad, a few cars smashed and a ton of trees fell, but no one was hurt.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with free tickets from Southwest Airlines! (Gadling)

May 7th 2008 2:45AM Go home to Dallas and visit my family.