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Is Google Chrome OS a Windows killer? Or just a Jolicloud killer? (Download Squad)

Jul 9th 2009 11:22AM Just because the Chrome OS will be web based doesn't mean that the apps for it will all be hosted in the cloud. It is entirely possible that the development model will ape that of Palm's WebOS/Mojo SDK with native functionality exposed through JavaScript APIs (nixysa lets you do this) with UIs for those apps built in HTML/CSS.

Tweetsville: Is this the daddy of all iPhone Twitter clients? (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2008 12:12PM It should come as no surprise that the developer of Tweetsville is a former and no current again Apple employee working on the iTunes team. This app has been crafted and developed with real care and superb attention to detail as to how one uses the app.

Secondly unlike apps such as Twitterific or Twinkle the UI paradigms are consistent with other native iPhone apps which may make it more a more attractive proposition to those who would reject other apps for having too flashy a UI.

I have switched to this as my default Twitter app mainly because everything I need of it and nothing more. I also don't think the price nor the lack of a free light version are significant issues, at this price (Less than a pint of beer at London prices) it is almost a throw away expense.