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I'm OD'ing on Scrubs reruns (AOL TV)

Nov 28th 2006 6:04AM I adore Scrubs and I own all the season sets, but no, I do not watch 'em on syndication. I have movies I have to get to! But every once in a while I need a scrubfix and I just pick one DVD at random, toss it into the machine and have a ball.

NEW episodes are another story. Don't even think about getting me away from a new episode.

The Five: What Joel is thankful for (AOL TV)

Nov 28th 2006 6:00AM I wholeheartedly agree on all five. (Only I write about movies, not TV.) ;)

Check out Charlie Rose's interview with Conan (AOL TV)

Aug 26th 2006 11:25PM Solid interview (so far, anyway)! Thanks for the heads-up!

Racially divided Survivor miffs NYC officials (AOL TV)

Aug 26th 2006 11:00PM I think it's a great idea. And I'm pretty darn sure that Burnett knows he's dealing with a potential can of worms here, so I doubt there'll be any real ugliness on the show. Should make for a very interesting sociological study. Or at least a lot of fun.

Next season: Jews vs. Mormons vs. Muslims vs. Catholics!


Here's a columnist I agree with completely:

Here's the DVD box for Police Squad! (AOL TV)

Jul 21st 2006 7:52PM FINALLY!

I find it strange that this series was actually released on VHS (two volumes!) but it took this long for the DVDs to show up. Oh well. Disc sounds great. Can't wait.

What is THE BEST show on television? (AOL TV)

Jul 18th 2006 6:24PM If we're looking at the past year of TV, awards-style, I'd say Arrested Development.

If we're talking about what's on right now, I'd say The Office.

Three tidbits about Pamela Anderson in one post (AOL TV)

Jul 18th 2006 6:21PM I could be wrong, but I suspect that her breasts have been augmented.

The Amazing Screw-On Head brings the funny (AOL TV)

Jul 18th 2006 6:18PM I liked it a lot. "Don't put your damage on me, pal!" made me laugh out loud.

Futurama: Fear of a Bot Planet (AOL TV)

Jul 4th 2006 8:41PM Leela doing The Robot just slays me.

The fact that Bender finds it so impressive is even funnier.