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Giveaway: Two new Element carbon-fiber iPhone 4 cases (TUAW.com)

Jun 2nd 2011 12:07AM Left my iphone on the roof of my convertible then lowered the roof, the phone got caught in the roof mechanism and got folded like a taco.

Android browser beats iPhone in exhaustive head-to-head (Download Squad)

Mar 17th 2011 4:54PM You need to update your story its misleading based on the flawed test.

Download every Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit photo with a simple Perl script (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2011 5:32PM @Mike had the same issue, mostly got 404 errors and ended up with tons of SI.com images, looks like they may have closed the loop hole. only about 50 real images came in…

AT&T iPhone customers: go grab your free 1000 minutes (TUAW.com)

Feb 12th 2011 3:41PM I texted yes and have gotten the acceptance message 4 times now, it sends it to me every 5 min, so I get 1000 free minutes but they are going to use all my texts up...

First look: OmniFocus for iPad (TUAW.com)

Aug 23rd 2010 8:04PM The pricing is way to high for the 'convince" of using this app on iphone, ipad and desktop. $140 for all three? and someone needs to have mobile me at $99 for syncing easily? Thats just gouging...

Apple looking to hire iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist (TUAW.com)

Jul 7th 2010 3:22PM They should look at this software its what PayPal and ebay use to track fraud

Win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad from TUAW (TUAW.com)

May 3rd 2010 5:00PM Want one!

The good and bad of iPad pricing (TUAW.com)

Feb 2nd 2010 11:06AM The 3G pricing needs work, I already have a AT&T plan with my iPhone, I should be able to add a iPad to that plan for less than $30 for unlimited. Also there needs to be support for multiple iPads what it I want 2 iPads one for home and one for the office, they should be able to use the same plan with a low cost for each additional device. I would love a iPad but with the lack of Camera, USB, SD slot, and multitasking compounded with the complex subscription model I'll wait till version 2.

Parallels Desktop 5 ships with a host of new and improved features (TUAW.com)

Nov 4th 2009 12:23PM The just released version 5 is not a 64bit app. It does not appear to run any faster than v4. on my 10.6 machine. VMWARE Fusion 3 is at least partially a 64bit app, the VM environment runs 64bit the Fusion extensions do not... Also It drives me nuts that one has to create a account and be sent a email with the download link to get updates..

Sony adopts Chrome as default browser for VAIO line (Engadget)

Sep 1st 2009 2:42PM I hope they make it the default browser on the Playstation!