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Five things average users will love about Internet Explorer 9 (Download Squad)

Sep 16th 2010 6:24PM No new hardware accelerated engine is going to help when your main browser is a sad piece of BLOAT.

Look at the times mentioned in the ADDONS screenshot:
9.2 seconds! That's an insane amount of time, and it happens EACH TIME YOU OPEN A TAB!
That has to be the dumbest architecture ever.

Also, whose add-ons are worst? Why it's Microsoft's own Search Helper and MSN Chat.
Any of you using IE are welcome to take a peek at their add-ons to find the amount of bloatware that auto-installs without ever asking you.

And you think IE is ever going to be fast?

New machine installs: the story so far (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2009 6:44PM RSS readers are clearly google reader for the web and feed demon for a client. nothing comes close.

regarding research applications there are several options:
if you want a better evernote, with editing possibilities, then look no further than your microsoft office's OneNote 2007.
It is incredibly powerful in capturing and quickly editing information, especially with the ability to categorize in different tabs and sections, and label it to find later in search.

If it is important to capture and categorize sources then an add-on for firefox like Zotero could do the job. But you said it is less what you want.

5 very basic things Windows 7 still isn't any good at (Download Squad)

Nov 12th 2008 9:08AM How about handling and especially installing of fonts?

I didn't play with Windows 7 yet, but i haven't yet read anything that addresses this. It seems font installation hasn't changed since windows 3.11

This is horrible for people into graphics design.

Have you tried backing up your useful fonts? Have you tried installing a newer font version only to have windows throw and error, and stop the rest of your font installation?

I read in several places that the more fonts you have the slower windows starts because it pre-loads the font files at setup. Does this still make sense in 2008?

And how about some kind of font library management?