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Unlikely Pacer: Ford Fiesta to lead the field at CarFax 400 (Autoblog)

Jul 29th 2010 6:30PM So F1 gets a Mercedes SLS and NASCAR gets a Ford Fiesta. Kinda says it all doesn't it.

Corvette Grand Sport or Jaguar XF - Colonies vs. the Crown [w/Poll] (Autoblog)

Jul 4th 2010 10:28PM Urm, Aston is NOT German. Sure, their CEO is German but ownership is quite British these days.

Corvette Grand Sport or Jaguar XF - Colonies vs. the Crown [w/Poll] (Autoblog)

Jul 4th 2010 10:26PM Well I'd take the Jag but I seem to have left my wallet behind. You wouldn't mind lending me sixty grand would you old chap?

Report: GM/Spyker near agreement, Spyker chairman to step down? (Autoblog)

Jan 24th 2010 7:14PM Had I still been living in the US I would have taken my 1992 SAAB 900 Turbo 16v Convertible on a road trip to Detroit. Sadly I have sold it, moved to Hong Kong and my car is now a 16 seat minibus driven by someone else. :(

Way to go to the Saaben in making this happen. I don't ever remember hoardes of MG and Rover owners making a similar pilgrimage to Longbridge and just goes to show that despite 18 years of GM mismanagement that the brand still engenders such loyalty.

REPORT: Production lines halted at MG's Longbridge plant. This is not a repeat from 2005. (Autoblog)

Oct 7th 2009 2:13AM The original MGF and subsequent cars were actually pretty sweet cars for their day and the road tests weren't absolutely scathing as you might expect. I think the journos felt genuinely nostalgic to be driving such a relic!

But does this mean the death of MG in the UK? They are doing quite well in China selling vastly updated versions of the ZT and an all new midsize car is on the way that may be a good springboard for the Chinese into Europe.

One thing is for sure, the poor sods that signed up to be MG dealers all over again are left with a bunch of highly polished turds to offload at bargain money.

Navigon sneaks text-to-speech, iPod controls and location sharing into MobileNavigator app (Engadget)

Sep 10th 2009 11:06AM I'm feeling quite stupid because I went with brand loyalty and bought TomTom Navigator. I hope they have an update in the works becasue Navigon just added the one feature I'd kill for in TomTom, iPod integration.

GM exercises self-love, plans to re-name Canada's Buick Allure LaCrosse after all (Autoblog)

Sep 4th 2009 7:56PM I think they will be just fine, we've bought plenty of Wankel engined Mazdas in the UK over the years.

Broken Record: Camaro outsells Mustang for third straight month (Autoblog)

Sep 1st 2009 10:15PM Yep! I just dropped my Camaro off at Avis in Seattle. I quite like the interior to be honest but the visibility sucks. Impressive transmission, flappy paddles that actually work for a change and the engine pulled well for the base model.

Broken Record: Camaro outsells Mustang for third straight month (Autoblog)

Sep 1st 2009 10:13PM No you are quite correct I haven't but I'm sure with my regular trips to the Avis counter there will be a '10 'Stang in my future. They still use that ancient 4.0 V6 though don't they? I know they finally got rid of the 4 speed AT but that engine is such a dreadful POS, bring on the Ecoboost V6!!!

Broken Record: Camaro outsells Mustang for third straight month (Autoblog)

Sep 1st 2009 6:37PM I am currently tooling around in a Camaro LS V6 courtesy of Avis and I have to say compared to the equivalent Mustang the difference is night and day. The 'stang desperately needs to get rid of that dreadful 4.0 V6 for it to be remotely competitive in this segment. Oh and proper independent rear suspension would be appreciated too, the Camaro feels modern and responsive even in softy rental car trim whereas the Mustang feels every bit as old as the retro styling implies.