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Spin-ematical: New on DVD for 12/27 (Cinematical)

Dec 29th 2008 8:57AM Sorry -- what is google?

Windows XP SP3 leaked (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2007 3:09AM wow....defenders of microsoft coming ou of the woodwork....twats....

DIY Life Toolstravaganza Day Seven: Bosch 6.4 Amp Top Handle Jig Saw (DIY Life)

Jul 23rd 2007 8:46PM would be great.....
btw i would love to see some more remodeling tips as i just bought a home that needs some love.....thanx all...

UPDATE: Jesus Camp Pastor Fired Amid Gay Sex Scandal (Cinematical)

Nov 6th 2006 4:07AM is this guy stifler's dad?

Van Wilder: The Rise Of Taj Poster Is Online (Cinematical)

Nov 3rd 2006 12:53PM I love sequel bashing.....why would anyone want to see more of characters they's much more important for there to be new characters/movies....

Huge Batman Sequel Update: We Officially Have a Title and The Joker! (Cinematical)

Aug 1st 2006 5:06AM well....if nolan is going to keep up what he did with the first movie, refering to the more 'realistic' approach to batman than the burton movies, then seeing an actor like ledger going insane before our eyes will be that much more 'real' to us because we haven't seen this in him before...could be really cool if they pull it off....seeing ledger 'hit his stride' as an actor in this role could really be something's hoping....

Please, Nike, make me some future shoes (Cinematical)

Dec 3rd 2005 8:03PM Actually, the skateboards were real.....they used them over a special track...some of the scenes with the boards were cg, but many were real!