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Ubuntu 10.04 hit by major bug on release day (Download Squad)

Apr 29th 2010 1:56PM You can still grab the release, I've got a hold of the 10.04 final ISO (earlier today, before the bug was discovered, admittedly).


Go to the link and scroll down.

Luckily the bug didn't affect me, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 are happily humming together. But I'll be grabbing the new ISO the moment it's out.

Google Sites rolls out template gallery for web pages, wikis (Download Squad)

Nov 17th 2009 2:49PM Man - sure looks a hell of a lot better than the default ones did.

I might actually play around with it now, and maybe even recommend it to a couple friends who want to 'make a website' but have little experience.

And it's a smart move from them to allow users to submit their own designs.

MMOGs and virtual worlds: Hidden costs (Massively)

Oct 23rd 2008 2:43PM If you live in South Africa, as I do, the situation is a lot more dire.

20GB cap? That's a bloody miracle in this country.
For a 9GB cap and 512KB line, you pay around $150 a month. and $10 per GB after that.

So it looks like we'll be taking the biggest hit with this increased bandwidth and its demand for it.

Life isn't so bad with 20GB cap, but it's nigh impossible for a MMO fan with a 9GB cap.