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'Gang of Six' browsers petition EU for immediate review of Browserchoice screen (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2010 2:43PM ...and we're now sliding down a slippery slope. Let the market handle itself; there are now more browser choices than before. Sun and AOL can be thanked for originally petitioning the EU which resulted in a system out to punish and levy huge fines against American businesses (MS and Intel so far).

It's not the EU's responsibility to save marketing dollars for the competition or inform a public which doesn't care about browser choice in the first place. Anyone who's tried to convert a parent/relative to an alternative browser knows this is a losing proposition.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 TV ad features explosions, accolades (Joystiq)

Feb 26th 2010 2:51PM Crap, joke didn't get in there before Jerk Face.

Yes, it is "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar But I Feel Like a Millionaire" by Queens of the Stone Age from the album "Songs for the Deaf."

Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 hack attacks your XP (Joystiq)

Jan 19th 2010 1:52PM According to the More Info section on the source video this hack requires a modded JTAG Xbox according. The poster even mentions that his Xbox was banned. This is more an Xbox 360 environment problem than an MW2 problem.

Can anyone confirm if this is happening on Public matches? The video is a Private Match which modifies a local ranking.

Open source Songbird to begin shipping with millions of MP3 players (Download Squad)

Jan 5th 2010 1:56PM Songbird lost me when a bug in a post-1.0 release removed songs from my iPod's database.

Comcast launches High-Speed 2go WiMax service tomorrow in Portland, other cities to follow by end of year (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2009 3:05PM Comcast disowned LA a long time ago. We'll just have to wait for Time Warner Cable to improve their service....

Songbird 1.2 released, now with iPod sync (sort of) (Download Squad)

Jun 22nd 2009 12:14PM The day Songbird 1.1 deleted music on my iPod due to a bug was the day I stopped using it. Once you get out of beta there is an expectation that at the very least software should not be losing your music.

Apple Store now taking iPhone 3G orders online (Engadget)

May 13th 2009 8:34PM They started selling the phone without a contract about two months ago at the Apple store. It's still locked to AT&T though.

Laid-off 3D Realms staff reveal Duke Nukem Forever concept art (Joystiq)

May 8th 2009 2:18PM I agree. This looked awesome on the Jace Hall show and I was looking forward to playing this eventually. They were clearly working on it, though I wonder what was holding up development? Sometimes having deadlines isn't a bad thing.

Rumor: Warner Bros. hooked on Midway bait (Joystiq)

Apr 24th 2009 7:21PM 7 cents per share OTC (Over the Counter). They aren't listed on any exchanges.

Doesn't Midway have like $1.6 Billion in debt? Their balance sheet only listed $340 Million in liabilities. Doesn't seem worth it to me, $30 million dollars to acquire that much debt.

Aliph Jawbone Prime hands-on and unboxing (Engadget)

Apr 22nd 2009 11:11PM Well that was fast. 46 minutes after the initial announcement post.