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Personal Activity Monitor tracks time you spend using desktop apps (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2011 6:49PM @lake54 Same here, it is also cross-platform!

10+ Chrome extensions and Web apps for new users (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2011 5:02PM A good extension I use now instead of google dictionary is http://www.apture.com/, it gives you so much info without even leaving the page, I really like it,

Massively's mystery beta key giveaway (Massively)

Feb 6th 2010 11:33AM Here is another one signing up

I wonder why this is being kept mysterious, hope it is for good reasons.

Not because it is "Barbie the MMO". :D

Taking into account the previous post trough, i bet it will be something cool.

Parts of Darkness: The other side of CES (Engadget)

Jan 12th 2010 1:00PM Thank you Engadget!

Foobar2000 v1.0 Beta -- holy crap, it's finally here! (Download Squad)

Nov 21st 2009 12:20PM *auto sync to my mp3 player, sry :D

Foobar2000 v1.0 Beta -- holy crap, it's finally here! (Download Squad)

Nov 21st 2009 12:19PM For me the fact that foobar2k does not support MTP to any extent and won't do so by choice of the devs is a deal breaker to me, auto sync of downloaded podcasts is something in winamp that means a lot to me.

And... there, that is something else foobar lacks, pod catching. (i know that there is a plugin but it does not work with the latest version and the dev effort behind it has probably died, a usual problem with 3rd party)

For me foobar is just too simple for its own good.

Welcome to the next Engadget (Engadget)

Nov 19th 2009 5:10PM looking nice!!

A bunch of fun and productivity-boosting gadgets for Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Oct 29th 2009 6:54PM I'm only using 4 gadgets right now:

MSN weather 2.0 - i like it because it is shiny ofc :D and the 4 day forecast at a glance and dynamic background that reflects current weather conditions.

Wired Network Meter - just to get the network stats, like network traffic i made since i booted up the pc.

Hattrick Gadget - To monitor my "fantasy soccer" team :D

Eve Online SkillWatch - To monitor the training progress of my EVE Online character.

Support for universal micro-USB phone chargers grows with ITU approval (Engadget)

Oct 23rd 2009 6:08PM And in a year they will be all transitioning to "micro-lightpeak"

NVIDIA gets further up Intel's chuff with pledge to develop an x86 CPU (Engadget)

Mar 4th 2009 10:59AM Now that's something i would like to see!!

go, go Nvidia!