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Michael Leung

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Japanese hardware sales, May 31 - June 6: E3 checklist edition (Joystiq)

Jun 14th 2010 6:33AM What's with the hand sanitizer?

Duck Hunt's workplace violates most HR guidelines (Joystiq)

May 29th 2010 10:35AM Cocaine? What cocaine? And why didn't I get any?

Download: STALKER: Call of Pripyat 'Close Call' Multiplayer Map (Big Download)

Apr 15th 2010 5:37AM Who even plays STAKLER for the multiplayer?

Breach thief jumps bail, currently playing Modern Warfare 2 [update] (Joystiq)

Mar 31st 2010 5:07AM He's playing MW2 so he knows what The Gulag is like.

Steam launches massive beta test for new user interface (Big Download)

Feb 24th 2010 4:40AM Really digging it. Can't go back to the old UI, and even the old store page looks ancient to me.

Battlefield Heroes pitting vampires against werewolves for next month (Big Download)

Jan 30th 2010 9:06AM Breaking news: DICE team admits to watching New Moon!

Aliens vs. Predator system requirements de-cloaked (Joystiq)

Jan 21st 2010 6:51PM Sounds reasonable. I should probably put my gaming rig to some actual use for once.

Next Android version will be called Froyo, says Erick Tseng (Engadget)

Jan 16th 2010 10:00PM Ew, I hate yogurt.

OK fine, just this once.

NPD: Wii leads video game industry to 'biggest sales month ever' (Engadget)

Jan 16th 2010 6:51AM But doesn't the NPD say this every month?