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You might hate it, but would you use IE8 for $10,000? (Download Squad)

Jun 22nd 2009 7:44AM shaunisadirty ,

man u knw wht its better than limited interface of " IE , opera , Chrome "

and hell no it doesnt take time to restart , to open or even to install any crap

i think u hav some kind of problem with ur computer hahahahaha

like u will be still using a CPU called " intel celeron " hahahaha

we people use the powerfull AMD ,

do u want my advise , i will send u some money , so u can take a taxi to the nearst bridge , and jump over it ,,,,,,, hahahahaha

dude find ur self a job


You might hate it, but would you use IE8 for $10,000? (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2009 2:22PM FIREFOX is ALRIGHT?
are u people going nuts

firefox is the best and ahmmmm thanks to me
all people around me started using instead of this crappy IE thing
IE is just a nice cake stuffed with rocks inside

firefox is that beast to break it , some people complian that firefox is still slow
do u knw why cuz u hav to do 4 speeding up methods u will find them if u google it

and by the way Chrome and Safari , r not faaaaaaaaaast for god sake people open u r eyes , people who says that i dont knw maybe i think they r drunk , cuz it doesnt make any sense when they say it,

firefox is the best and microsoft is just jealous , cuz firefox is more flexible , but IE is just software u would like even to remove it from windows,

Microsoft plz find somebody else than us to fool
as even this 10000 r real?
Microsoft has lost its pride since........ u knw when?
since Bill gates left

and not they hav no job but to try B****S*** stuff

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh very funny part When LEE Mathew , said abt the IE tab extension for firefox nice one LEE


Microsoft Security Essentials (Morro) leaked - here it is in action. (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2009 2:11PM NOD32 is the best and it will remain that , cuz if it couldnt catch the Trojan there r several reasons:

1- trojan is made by microsoft it self
2- there werent any update from ESET it self at that time
3- its a new trojan
4- its not a trojan or harmfull file

and since i had NOD32 for more than a year i didnt hav to format my laptop or suffer any ******s*-h*-i*-t from viruses

and even my university , has changed that crappy kaspersky to NOD32 after i told them to , and i showed them the perfect prove

hhhh funny i tried to plug my flash drive and the computer went nuts and the CPU hit 100% and all that bcuz of kaspersky which poeple like it and i dont knw why hhhhhhhh

LONG LIVE NOD32 u r the best

Mozilla releases Mobile Firefox Alpha - For Mac, Windows and Linux? (Download Squad)

Oct 18th 2008 4:11PM so in the title it says for mac? wht does it mean?

for iphone? i thought mozilla is not bothering to program for iphone cuz of the restriction of flash and java.
and incase it releases is there a way to install it on the iphone cuz im sick and tired of safari Sh---t

anyone has reply?

AMD Releases Fusion for Gaming RC1 (Download Squad)

Oct 8th 2008 1:54AM i thought this would work with my intel laptop

wht the hell ,, it says u hav to hav AMD first

i knw u will say: fool this is for AMD!

so wht i thought they said it will optimize services in windows so it shouldnt tell me that

but still i will be able to use other options this SUCKs!!

Windows XP gets another stay of execution (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2008 4:33AM so wht MR.Brad Linder

xp deserve more upgrading since its the best windows out there it shouldnt end here for xp.

at least create more logic for faster boot , and all.

Microsoft won't , will not , never , gonna win this with either win 7 or even sh!@#ty vista ..

Windows XP gets another stay of execution (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2008 1:36PM i thought microsoft said that they r going to support xp until 2014

what happened now all of sudden

this really sucks