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StumbleUpon relaunches: No browser toolbar necessary (Download Squad)

Oct 3rd 2008 6:05PM This is a very interesting development; I have tried several times to convince Google to offer something like this. Granted, most of us who read this site are geeks who have tricked-out our browsers with all kinds of cool stuff. Geeks don't need this, but a lot of people don't even have their own computer... it's called poverty. These people still like to use a computer when they can, at libraries, coffee shops, etc. So a JS-toolbar is a very good thing for those folks. Making services available to the broadest possible audience is a good thing.

Google Chrome goes portable: Carry it on a USB flash drive (Download Squad)

Oct 3rd 2008 5:39PM One thing you should be wary of: Chromium Portable does not password-protect your saved passwords. So if you lose your flash drive, anyone who finds it can use CP to login to your accounts. Unless you deselect the option to remember passwords. You have been warned.